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Comment Co-Op (Score 1) 362

Why are there so few co-op games? Too many games focus on the competitive aspect of multi-players games too much. It seems to me that if the single player part of a game is nice, it would be easy to turn it into a great coop game but instead the developers often build a multi-player option that is completely different than the single player option.

Comment Re:We're on the wrong track. (Score 1) 407

Hydro have it's drawbacks but I am not talking about just one city but the whole province and unless I am mistaken Ontario is a big hydroelectricity producer too. I don't know anyone who lives near a power plant. The bulk of the energy is produced around James's bay and it's distributed throughout the country by high tension lines. We even sell a good amount of our electricity to the USA which is kinda far from the plant.

Comment Re:Cost?? (Score 1) 66

No, sv_cheats 1 enables cheats on the client only allowing the modification of cheat protection variables locally. When you connect to a server with sv_cheats 0 every variable protected with the cheat flag will be reset.

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