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Comment Re: net neutrality (Score 1) 59

That's how it should work - and that's why I don't think they are violating NN with either this or binge-on, but I also think the law goes to far - otherwise this wouldn't even be a question. I support the intent of NN, which, to me, means service providers can't charge content providers for use of their networks (because the customers of the service providers are already paying for the bandwidth), and they can't throttle bandwidth or extort money from content providers to use that bandwidth. But a company offering a freebie to it's actual customers doesn't violate the ideal of NN. If Nintendo is paying for it, then maybe - but otherwise there is nothing wrong here.

Comment Re:net neutrality (Score 1) 59

No. Well, yes and no. If you look at it from the point of view of competitors, then yes, but if you look at it from the point of view of customers, then no - even if my favorite game doesn't get free bandwidth, because all that means is nothing has changed for me.

The problem with the net neutrality rules is they go too far. I agree with the concept in so far as service providers need to recognize who their customers are and not extort content providers - who are NOT the service provider's customers. The problem with the poster child (Comcast/Netflix) is that Netflix was never pushing content onto Comcast's networks - Comcast's customers, who were already paying for the bandwidth, were pulling it - that's how Comcast's customers were deciding to use the bandwidth they paid for. In addition, it was anti-competitive because Comcast offers it's own content streaming service.

What you've got here is a nice freebie T-Mobile throws in for it's customers, and it can't even do that without people complaining it violates net neutrality. Unless Nintendo is paying T-Mobile, I see no violation of the "ideal" of net neutrality, I see potential violation of the law because the law goes too far. Like the streaming services T-Mobile gives customers "for free" (it's not really, because they potentially suffer from reduced bandwidth for that content, but it's the customers choice - so be it), T-Mobile is NOT getting paid by the content providers for giving them necessary bandwidth - it is as it should be, the customers are using the bandwidth how they see fit - nobody is losing or missing out on anything.

Comment Re:Safety third! (Score 1) 329

CS has always been activists, but over the past couple of years they've changed their magazine to a much less useful format, added bigger pictures and "web like" graphics and word clouds... much less content, much more flash, and much more emphasis on being activists instead of product reviews. Not saying it's not still useful, but they've annoyed me more than once with their activism.... one of the reasons I like their ratings is so that I don't need the government to intervene, it helps me make intelligent decisions.

Comment Re:Protecting your rights (Score 1) 212

I agree with you, but I also believe we can't just ignore the constitution, and strongly support second amendment rights - which is why we need an amendment to clarify the second and put those restrictions on it. Until then, I'd unhappily accept crazies and criminals getting guns in lieu of the greater evil of violating the constitutional rights of everyone. The reason this won't happen isn't because of gun happy conservatives, many of whom would accept a clearly worded amendment specifically restricting gun sales to those deemed incompetent or with felony records, it's because they won't accept an overreaching, wishy-washy, "gray," subject to gross misinterpretation, amendment that liberals would put in place because they'd only want this to be the first step in eliminating second amendment rights altogether.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 3, Insightful) 644

Disagree - don't want Trump, but Hillary with a strong republican congress might repeat the Bill Clinton era. Hillary with a strong democrat congress is going to railroad a lot of garbage through... the best years have traditionally been with opposing parties in the legislative and executive branches.

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