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Submission + - Heavy Carbon Credit Scamming by Russia and Ukraine (

iggymanz writes: Most of the carbon credits generated by Russia and Ukraine are a farce and do not represent a reduction in emissions, according to the Stockholm Environment Institute. The vast majority of their carbon credits were found to be bogus and essentially "printing money". The credits may have instead generated as much as 600 million tonnes of CO2. EU emissions targets were thus undermined by some $2 billion.

Submission + - How Not to Design a UI: Slashdot Beta Site is a Train Wreck ( 1

iggymanz writes: As with Canonical's Unity and Windows 8, the majority of otherwise intelligent coders are completely out of their element when trying to make a user interface. They fly off on tangents, ignoring any user needs or input, making something understood and useable only to themselves. A bad UI is neither discoverable, learnable, efficient of space, nor capable of providing proper feedback to the user. With apologies, I link to the vilest and most aweful forum interface misdesigned by the minds of idiot-savants in full idiot mode, the Slashdot Beta Site.

Submission + - The Glorious Return of the Twinkie ( 1

iggymanz writes: The geek food staple Twinkie is coming back. The sturdy main component of the foundation to the geek four food groups of sugar, fat, caffeine and bacon; with rumored shelf life on the order of the time span to cool a white dwarf to room temperature; the Twinkie along with Ding-Dongs, Ho-Ho's and Cupcakes will be returning 15 July 2013 A.D. to the shelves under new management of Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulous & Co which paid over $400 mega dollars (U.S.) for the brands.

Submission + - Testable Dark Matter Theory with Anapoles (

iggymanz writes: A simple and testable model of dark matter was made by phyicists Robert Scherrer and Chiu Man Ho, that has dark matter particles with doughnut shaped magnetic fields, called anapoles, that only interact with electromagnetic fields when moving. Hence the they rarely are observed to interact with matter in their present very cold state; however such particles are detectable and this theory can be verified in the near future. These particle are also a type of majorana fermion.

Submission + - Draft of IPCC 2013 Report Already Circulating (

iggymanz writes: More precise modeling has changed some long term climate predictions: sea levels to rise almost a meter more than present over the next century, but past dire warnings of stronger storms or more frequent droughts won't pan out. Instead there will be less strong storms, but peak winds in the tropics might be slightly higher. Temperature rise of global average will be about 3 degree C total, including the 1 degree C rise over the 20th century. In places where precipitation is frequent, it will become even more frequent; in arid areas, the tendency will be to become even drier. Some new arid areas are expected to appear in the south of N. America, South Africa and Mediterrainian countries. Overall, hardly a doomsday scenerio.

Submission + - Planet in Habitable Zone only 22 Light-Years from Earth ( 2

iggymanz writes: The planet GJ 667Cc, found by data from earth-based observations, orbits once every 28 earth days in the habitable zone of a dim metal-poor M class dwarf. It is surprising to find probable rocky planet with at least 4.5 times the Earth's mass near a star of that composition. At a distance of 22 light-years, such a star could be reached by a fusion powered craft in a trip of several centuries.

Submission + - Wifi Signals Damage Sperm ( 2

iggymanz writes: Argentinian scientists find that microwave emissions from laptop wifi adapter damage sperm cells and their DNA, in a study led by Dr. Conrado Avendano of Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba. At the end of the linked article a U.S. urologist pooh-poohs the results but last quoted words were "..I don't know how many people use laptops on their laps anyway."

Submission + - High Fat Diet is Fine (

iggymanz writes: A study at John Hopkins of 55 obese but otherwise healthy subjects from the ages of 30 to 65 had the volunteers on a high fat but low carb diet along with moderate exercise. Besides losing weight, there was no observed arterial hardening, which counters the health advise of many decades past. There was also other evidence of cardiovascular health. The subjects even had arterial stiffness improvement after a 900 calorie McDonald's lunch.

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