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Comment Re:more anti-ITT FUD on slashdot (Score 1) 329

similar places also get those

again why the special focus. I'm wondering if someone with government in their pocket had competition removed or wanted to change landscape of IT education for some agenda.

Note I didn't attend ITT, don't know any employees there, had no investments in them nor anything that depends on ITT, don't even know anyone hurt by this since the ITT grads I know already have good jobs

I don't know if ITT classes worse than normal or better than normal, nor the quality of the teachers. Only know some grads that are doing very well.

Comment Re:I find this hard to believe (Score 1) 329

I already stated clearly what my interest is. If you are wondering, I did not attend ITT, I never recommended the place to anyone, and I had no financial interest in it. I don't even know if the curriculum was better or worse than other tech schools. I don't know any teacher or administrator or even janitor who worked as employee.

I only know people that went there have job similar to mine that pays pretty well for the area in which I live. I know those people were ok with attending there. Apparently it is possible to hold degree from that place and have useful skills and after time, 5 years or more, have an IT job paying over $120K a year

I also know ITT singled out by the government even though similar to a lot of other places. I'm just curious why, suspicious of possibility people in government were in someone's pocket who wanted competition removed

Comment more anti-ITT FUD on slashdot (Score 0) 329

I have friends who have degrees from ITT and DeVry and have same type of job as I do - $120K+ IT operations job.

For some reason ITT was singled out by the federal government even though plenty of other places have the same business model.

A person who went to ITT and then whines they didn't get the dream job has one person to blame. A lazy git who gets a diploma and then sits around with their thumb up their ass probably will not go far in the IT world.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

GR says no such thing about impossibility of FTL. there are valid FTL space-time metric solutions in GR, for example Miguel Alcubierre's system. Again I remind you we already know most of the universe, that which is outside the visible universe, is receding from us at FTL and that is perfectly valid in GR too

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