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Comment Re:The Important question is (Score 1) 385

Ruling it out is the "universal negative" problem which cannot be proven. However, it is possible an experiment might indicate simulation is happening (trivial example would be direct communication or evidence from the simulator(s) )

Of course, even discussing this is coming back to question of god, you say simulator I say god.

Comment Re:I can see it now (Score 1) 62

you're confused, that's a much more likely scenario for ghetto thugs getting ammo or narcotics in the future.

Most the MAGA group gets their ammo legally over the counter, and don't hunt minorities. In fact, instead, you'll find the aforementioned ghetto thugs the primary hunters and rapers of other humans.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score -1, Troll) 517

you have evidence current plays golf more often than Obama did; also we paid for Obama's Hawaii vacations including 2008 vacations before he became president. so, do you really have a point?

Trump is doing what he said he would do. many of us want major portions of the bloated fed government removed. you parasites on those of us paying the bills might be angry we're taking away your tit.

Comment Re:what nonsense (Score 1) 89

we got a good flexible TLD system that people can use in traditional way or with recent additions.

  countries have TLD if they want to use them. the USA put those in a long time ago. And plenty of other product/concept specific ones added if anyone wants to be under them which was international effort

70 percent of the global internet traffic is carried through the USA anyway, fine that they had historic heavy influence on it. The USA built something great and useful for the world.

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