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Comment Re:an unpopular opinion. (Score 1) 277

I'm a Socialist. I know about the Frankfurt School. Which you obviously don't.

'Cultural Marxism' is an easy shibboleth: it invariably indicates someone with a sub-Breitbart level of political sophistication. Also known as 'an idiot'.

Comment Re:Pushed into comunism (Score 1) 277

I have some sympathy for Fidel because at least he wasn't Batista. But the narrative that makes him a mere plaything of forces beyond his control, as in 'he only turned communist because he got forced' does not square with my impression of a forceful man who was willing to do without support if need be for his cause.

Whatever you say of Fidel, character he didn't lack.

Comment Re:Pushed into comunism (Score 1) 277

There really is enough evidence to cast at least doubt on that theory. The more accepted wisdom is that he did harbour strong Marxist sympathies and that the US opposition to his revolution was a good excuse to implement Marxist policies.

Comment Re:an unpopular opinion. (Score 3, Insightful) 277

Noam Chomsky always seems to blame America for everything

Well, he seems to take the, to me, logical point of view that as a US citizen it behooves him to critcise his own government first.

Cultural Marxist

Oh. Never mind. Logic is wasted on you. Carry on then.

Comment You're a blatant champion of reading-abstinence (Score 1) 534

Article-reading abstinence isn't the answer! This is a perfect case in point, where practicing abstinence with regard to reading the article, simply adds noise to the discussion, and makes it so that many of the people who did read the article, now think you are totally retarded fuckwit since apparently you can't remember anything for even a few seconds.

To me, this obviously isn't true. I personally think you only said such a mind-boggling stupidly-retarded numbskulled thing, simply because of your agenda of cultivating your ignorance, not because of a memory failure. You didn't forget what the article said; you never read it in the first place! But nooo, not everyone is going to believe that, so now we're going to have to have a digression into why you blather empty-headed idiocy like a brain-damaged imbecil whose mother drank too much when she was pregnant.

And one of the arguments the Indy1-is-a-retarded-fuckwit camp is going to say, is that even if you shot your mouth off due to not reading the article, practicing abstinence when it comes to reading, is itself something that only a retarded fuckwit would do. So they're going to say you're a retarded fuckwit regardless of whether the failure is in your memory, vs your desire to remain stupid. Now your defenders (people such I myself) are put on the spot, having to explain that maybe there is some kind of non-stupid merit to stupidity.

And I don't have any fucking idea how to argue that. Do you? (Think of what your dull-witted shit-for-brains comment has just done to your friends here.)

Don't you see how "why does Indy1 say such insipid, half-baked nonsense?" is just going to turn into the stupidest flamewar ever, on par with the level of stupidity of your own speech?

You can prevent this. It turns out that it is easy to avoid saying amazingly stupid things like mentioning the Ford/Nixon thing that the article addresses: just READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE first.

I wonder if maybe there is a way to put on some kind of mental condom, if you have to. Could you maybe have knowledge of the article on hand when you comment on the article, but then forget it later? If you can do that, it might offer most of the advantages of reading-abstinence, while also preventing shockingly-moronic statements which leave us all guessing as to why you say say such stupid things.

Comment Re:never gave them credit card number (Score 1) 236

What's this "your data" thing? AFAICT we're talking about peoples' game identity, right? e.g. if you get locked out of your Google Play account, then maybe you lose control of your Clash of Clans base and have to start over.

Yes, that sucks insofar as how much you value grind-progress in a game, and I understand that can be a quasi-real thing that people get attached to, so I'm not going to dickishly blow it off.

But calling it "your data" is kind of stretching things. My data is on my computers' disks, not Google's.

Comment Re:Open Source doesn't care for your software free (Score 2) 53

here you have an open source booster (Red Hat's CEO Jim Whitehurst) pitching proprietary software as a good thing unto itself.

This does not have to mean what you imply it means. In-house business software is by its very nature proprietary. What Whitehouse is doing is essentially telling business that it is okay to build your own proprietary business software on top of FLOSS architecture, aka he's countering the usual 'if you use GPL software you must Open Source your internal software' FUD.

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