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Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 2) 65

The Convenience Rollup is kept on my keyring USB stick as its just soooo much easier than dealing with a system that may not have had a patch on it in years.

And as far as these new crap "mega updates"? Just turn off Windows Update and use WSUS Offline which last I checked is doing just as you described and grabbing the manual security updates, only you get them nicely bundled with a script that will install them all (and do any reboots required) and shut down the system, hassle free. I highly recommend it.

Comment Re:What a Waste (Score 1, Insightful) 805

How is this any different from Whedon forming a super PAC and using his Hollywood connections to shill for it?

Lets be honest folks, there really isn't an upside this round. On the one hand you have the most corrupt politician this side of Richard Nixon that has promised more wars and to flood this country with refugees ala Germany (didn't work out so great for them, did it?) and on the other hand you have a reality TV star that spends his time tweeting memes...ugh.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 2) 386

Brother. Had our Brother printer for a couple years now and it never says a word about ink carts no matter whether they are generics or Brother. Crazy cheap on the ink as well, IIRC we paid a grand total of $12 on Amazon for 6 complete sets of CMYK with $4 to ship, that much will easily last us for months so if this printer buys the farm? I'll get another Brother.

Comment Re: More reasons to use Windows instead of Linux (Score 1) 99

NO PATCHES ARE NEEDED, what is so hard to understand? Or do you think black helicopters are gonna sneak in to your house and attack your unpatched system?

I went out of my way to TRY to get an RTM Win 7 system infected...we're talking topsites, crack sites, porn sites, your "watch the latest movies now!" sites, malware infested sites all and...nothing. Zip zero nada squat. So why should I give a shit if Win 7 or 8.1 goes EOL, which again I'm betting Nutella will be FIRED before that date rolls around?

If you want to take the Goatse pose so MSFT can fist you? That is your choice, but if they want MY data? PAY ME. MSFT don't give shit away for free and neither do I, and the same goes to Google and Yahoo, want that data? Cut me a check. Privacy badger makes sure nobody gets shit I don't get paid for and I don't give a rat's ass what MSFT says

As for the new CPUs? I don't use APUs and I haven't seen a single program yet that even requires advanced CPU instructions that are only supported on Win 7, much less 8.1 or 10 so again I smell bullshit. Remember they said the same about DirectX, everyone would have to switch to Vista because of DirectX, remember? what happened? developers saw they would be cutting more than half the market out so other than MSFT's own Halo everyone kept right on supporting DX9 until Win 7 came out and was popular.

Ultimately I believe the market will back me up and come 2020 MSFT will just have to start popping that snooze alarm on Win 7 because Win 10, like Win 8 before it, simply isn't gonna be popular enough to take the majority slot. Its too buggy, too ugly, and even grandma's know its malware infested. Hell I have made more uninstalling Win 10 on new systems than I did on Win 8 and that is saying something. But history I believe will put Win 10 into the same "wow that was shit" camp that Vista and 8 are in and once Nutella is shown the door they will have no choice but to make a decent OS, that or give the money back to the shareholders and call it a day because everyone will have left for Google or Apple. Hell its gotten so bad I've seen Win 10 tablets for $60 at Fred's, they just can't give the things away because nobody wants win 10.

Comment Re:Also kicks out scores from third party purchase (Score 2) 85

Indie games and Humble Bundles. There are plenty of Indie games that don't have shit for reviews until they are included in a bundle because they simply got lost in a crowd. With these changes even if the majority says its a really fun game their opinion won't count if it was part of a Humble Bundle which is just bullshit, especially when a lot of indie games get shit on at release because of bugs that may have been fixed ages ago so those old reviews no longer reflect the current game.

If they want to do this with rinky dink sites or keys coming straight from the devs? Well and good but the HBs are pretty damned well known and hugely popular so I don't think they should be affected by this rule as it kills a lot of legit reviews from counting.

And for anybody that says "it shouldn't count because the HBs are cheap" well why stop there? Why not ban those reviews from Steam sales counting in the overall score and only count those that paid full price?

Comment Re:And companies aren't willing to uphold it becau (Score 2, Insightful) 128

Haven't been keeping up with current events, have you? YouTube is demonitizing (thus killing) channels that don't meet their vague as all hell "guidelines" that include "political or controversial content". Wanna guess what is happening?

Well those "#killallmen" "DieCISScum" and "lets kill whitie" channels? They are all fine, none of them are being affected no matter how racist and sexist they are, but any that call them out on their bullshit or point out SJW insanity like Trigglypuff? Well I hope you didn't need that channel for anything,they have even shut down a channel multiple times that does nothing but host news broadcasts of crimes from around the USA because it makes the BLM movement look like shit by showing who they are protesting for.

Considering the fact that the head of Google is the CTO of the Clinton campaign should not make this surprising to anyone, but between this and Google manipulating search results to aid Clinton they are about as fair and balanced as Jezebel or Twitter.

Comment Re: No Carmack? (Score 0) 113

And what good did they do? Is the world really gonna miss another 30 bad Quake III Arena CTF/DM knock offs?

To me the ID Tech engines being GPLed was a perfect example of how the "blessed trinity" of GPL, selling support, selling hardware, or eBegging, simply do not work for the vast majority of software and thus under GPL they simply would not exist. These engines have been GPLed for where is the GPLed game on the level of Bioshock? Hell can you show me one even up to the level of Far Cry which was released in 2003?

They don't exist because of the simple fact that the blessed trinity does not work for the majority of software and therefor wouldn't exist because the trinity wouldn't allow them to be funded. this is why you have no GPLed programs that can compete on features and UI with the version of Photoshop from a decade ago, or a Quicken/Quickbooks replacement that can even do a twentieth of what they can, why your camera software and screen capture software is so primitive and buggy, its because these and literally thousands of other pieces of software one can take for granted on proprietary systems simply cannot exist under GPL because of the trinity model simply not working out of the server and embedded space.

So you can give up on getting anything the quality of a triple A title, despite the game engines being handed over for free, and Linux desktops will always be far behind the curve compared to Apple and MSFT, the blessed trinity simply will not allow the funding of these to occur so all you get is a billion cheap Q III knock offs because all they have to do is reskin it and make some maps...its sad but as long as the majority of software cannot be written under GPL and still allow the devs to pay their bills? Its simply never gonna get any better.

This is why I've argued for years that "the source is free, distribution is not" should be the de facto model for software, but its been made abundantly clear that the community doesn't care how poor a quality or lack of variety they get in software as long as they don't have to pay for it, but what has it gotten you? MSFT puts out 3 stinkers in a row and you gain not a single point and the quality of software isn't any better or any closer to feature parity than it was a decade ago. And it will stay this way as long as the GPL insures that the majority of software simply cannot be written while keeping the devs from starving.

Comment Re: More reasons to use Windows instead of Linux (Score 2) 99

Sigh....let me spell it out FUCK WINDOWS 10, its nothing but spyware.

Stick with Windows 7 or 8.1, your choice. 8.1 gets updates until 2023 (if you really care about that sort of thing, I've found if you have the browser sandboxed and ads blocked patches are pointless as no bug is gonna get anywhere, I have even gone out of my way to try to infect a newly installed RTM Win 7 without a single patch installed...nothing) and by that time Nutella will be history and hopefully the next guy will actually right the ship.

And if you have to have Win 10? Wait 6 months and get the pirate version, AKA the "Gamer Edition". There is already a Gamer edition of 8.1 out there that strips out the appstore and other crap and it flies, there really is no point in Windows 10, its a POS. Oh and if you want to know WHY its a POS? Look up Barnacles Nerdgasm's "I was fired" video on YouTube, he was part of the QA team and he talks about how the ENTIRE Windows QA and tester teams were FIRED...why did they do that? Because YOU Mr Sucker who uses Windows 10 are the alpha tester!

MSFT has made it clear the only version they give a fuck about is Win 10 Enterprise, the one you have to rent. Windows 10 Home is the alpha, with no way to even postpone all the buggy code they puke on it, Windows 10 Pro is the beta, still buggy as fuck but at least they can delay long enough for the Home users to get shat all over and see which bits get cleaned off, and Win 10 Enterprise is the actual OS, where you have the same level of control and quality they had on previous releases.

So the choice is clear....either you pay $7 a month for eternity for Win 10 Enterprise or you stick with a previous version, I myself as well as my customers will be doing the latter and counting the days until Nutella gets his walking papers. Oh and nobody will ever give a shit about Ubuntu as their programs won't run on it and mark my words, HTML V5 will have enough baked in DRM that nobody will be able to watch shit on Linux which I predict will be relegated to crap like the R-Pi as Secureboot and the new AMD and Intel APUs having proprietary features like HDCP baked into the core of the chip will make Linux go back another decade.

Comment Re:More reasons to use Windows instead of Linux (Score 5, Insightful) 99

Riiight, and if you need a part for your Chevy here is some iron ore, you CAN smelt iron...right?

And people wonder why MSFT can put out 3 stinkers in a row and get more users in a fricking week than Linux has gotten for their desktop in 22 years.....ROFL just write your own kernel patches,why stop there? Why not tell them to grow some sheep so they can have sweaters, drop an oil rig or two and set up their own gas refinery, and grow some rubber trees to make the tires?

Riddle me this oh wise one...which do you think would be cheaper, hire an entire fucking kernel development team just to get support beyond 5 years, or pay $200 for a copy of Windows Pro and get 10 years of support?

Comment Re: That's not even the worst part (Score 5, Interesting) 98

Well the rumor that was going around on the builders forums at the time (they even had lists of serials to tell the difference between "Seagate" drives and "Maxgate" drives) is that when Seagate bought Maxtor they got a REALLY cheap ARM HDD controller from cheap? So cheap they could build 4 of them for the price of a single Seagate controller. Now what company wouldn't want to drop the price on a major part by 75%?

The catch was this controller is buggy as fuck, especially if it gets hot. If you keep the drive super cool? It works fine, if the drive gets hot? It loses its little mind and forgets the HDD geometry and will slam the head because it doesn't know where the drive starts and ends. My own tests seem to back this up as I've had zero issues with Maxgate drives I put in a big old ATX case I have at the shop with a couple of 240mm fans front and back to push away any heat generated but if I put a Maxgate into a small PC box without a ton of fans? Its gonna fail, and the hotter the case the quicker the fail.

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