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Comment Re:Just needs a little nudge. (Score 1) 236

There are still times when you could fire the Space Station to a lunar insertion trajectory. It would no longer be in the ecliptic, but when you get to the Moon the speed of the ISS would be much slower as the orbit is more like 3 hours, than 90 minutes at the moment, so you would need much less fuel to delta V the orbit to be in the ecliptic.

Comment Re:Boaty McBoatface: people power (Score 1) 116

There is a difference between elections and referendums. In an election the people choose representatives to represent them in making decisions. In a referendum the representatives or their leaders are too cowardly/sly/divided/scared to make a decision and throw it back at the people.
A democracy implicitly states that smarter decisions happen by representatives than by letting the people have a direct say. Boaty McBoatface is an example of a stupid result from a referendum; it would never have happened if representatives had chosen it.

Comment Re:wrong conclusion (Score 1) 374

In the US the market will self correct to say only rich kids can go to college, we don't care about educating poor kids. There will be no fair chance for the underprivileged. A self correcting market always abuses the powerless at the bottom.

either admit you don't care about the powerless masses or you do care about them, but don't believe that self-correcting is justice for all.

Comment Re:Artificial Gravity (Score 1) 154

You are going to need a large MASSIVE space wheel to do that easily without causing the rest of the station to wobble. If you want to do it "small" with a counterweight, you will have to balance it perfectly (won't happen) as the person is MOVING around in the rotating space. This will cause wobble in the rest of the space station - destroying the zero g environment you want there. And when the person wants to go to zero G, what are you going to do with all the rotational energy and momentum? So it's not just a counterweight - you need a counter-counterweight that is spinning in the OPPOSITE direction of the person+counterweight to ensure that Total Rotation Momentum = 0. And since it is spinning, the direction of rotation is fixed in space, which means over the 90 minutes of the orbit the rotational section will need to rotate 360 degrees.

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