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Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 158

We are good at seeing planets closer than Mercury is to the Sun, basking in the light of their star. But this planet as SO FAR WAY OUT THERE beyond Pluto it is super cold and dark. It's easy to see a pinprick of light against black, but not a tiny black, slow moving (thousands of years for an orbit) object against a black sky.

Comment Disappointed with the Press Conference (Score 5, Interesting) 184

I was very disappointed and angry at the ESA Press Conference this morning. Last night when they suspected (knew) [There is no way this landing was designed to not return a success signal immediately] the Lander had crashed they silenced everyone and announced a press conference at 10 AM the next morning.
At the Press Conference they emphasised the success of the orbiter and mentioned NOTHING at all about data from the lander. They left that all to questions from the Press. Basically all questions from the Press were about the lander and the data (and they were good questions - no stupid questions came), and they drip fed a piece of info at a time to the journalists.
I believe the suits at ESA were in damage control because they are scared about losing funding for the 2020 lander so they mentioned NOTHING about the crashed lander, so that when politicians check on the press releases/conferences in months to come there is NO info on the crash, but in a few days the world will know anyway, especially if NASA gets a photo of the impact and debris.
They did not make any statements at all (e.g. yes we got data from the Lander, the rockets fired for only 3-4 seconds, something went wrong with the parachute and we suspect a very hard landing) in a controlled and orderly way, they forced the journalists to extract it from them relunctantly.
I was super disappointed about scientists playing politics and covering up what they obviously knew the audience wanted to know. It was sickening.
And, yes, I live in Europe and yes, I want my tax Euros to fund the 2020 Lander, but I'm angry at scientists playing politics and ignoring the audience who wanted to know what happened last night and they deliberately said nothing.

Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 3, Interesting) 184

I suspect something happened to the parachute just before jettisoning - e.g. rope breaking/twisting, chute tearing/burning that caused the lander to tumble, and so the rockets switched off as they weren't pointing against the forces on the lander that the accelerometers were reading.
Look at JPL's Mars parachute test in 2014 that ripped the parachute

Comment Re:Great, now let's do something useful instead (Score 4, Informative) 68

A lot of the raw data to monitor climate change is space-based data. We now know where the energy goes into weather and seas, and we can see forest and agricultural usage only from space. This will give us the tools we need to enforce climate change.
Beautiful photos and videos from the cameras on the Space Station, and human damage seen from there will have a massive impact on people's passion to see this earth fixed and cared for.
go and spend a while looking at
Space Science is going to help us understand how El Nino and El Nina work - and that is critical for the lives of millions of Americans.
Yes, porkbarreling by Senators for useless space projects needs to stop. That is why NASA is supporting SpaceX, etc and focusing themselves on deep space missions like Pluto and Juno.
Anyone living on the Moon or Mars will be living underground. Humanity will move to the stars - we will solve these problems.
Look at the Space Budget, and the War Budget and see where money is really being wasted. Fix the health bureaucracy in America if you want to see money not being wasted.

Comment Re:There Is No Rivalry (Score 1) 265

Who put a rover on the moon in the last few years?
Who made the components in the computer that you wrote your post on?
Which country just launched a satellite in August 2016 to perform quantum entanglement experiments over 1000's of miles, Notice it's the Austrian Academy of Science involved here, not a US based institution.
Travel around Los Angeles, measure the air pollution, look at the state of the roads, ask people how many hours a day they spend on transportation, find out who has healthcare, look at what people eat, and then tell me that isn't backwards. That city has a long way to go to being a pleasant place to live.
You might wake up in a few years and realize what was going on around you but you refused to notice
The smartest people in America are helping Tech Companies deliver ads and make you post your breakfast publicly. This is a scandal of wasted human resources? Where do you think China is investing it's brains?
Who just bought Lexmark, leaving Xerox the only copier maker in the US?

Comment Re:Wait (Score 1) 258

The universe can expand faster than the speed of light. As space expands the space between locations grows. Since no object is moving faster than the speed of light, this doesn't break relativity. If you see something go left at 0.8c and something go right at 0.8c, they are going apart from each other at 1.6c in your frame of reference, but not in their frames of reference, because they have very different times. But you won't see objects moving at 1.6c, you just see locations receding. If a line of people from here to the Moon did a Mexican wave such that the person on the Moon started 1 second after the person on the Earth, then you would see the wave traveling just faster than c (light takes >1 s to get to the Moon), but the wave is not an object, nor is if information. The Person on the Moon started doing the wave before they saw the person on the Earth do the wave.

Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 2) 387

I fill my old Canon deskjet printer with bottles of ink and a syringe simply through the ink pad at the bottom of the cartridge. Then i zap the chip with a resetter.
I took the printer on a plane for 12 hours, and then never got around to using it for 18 months! I then took it back home 12 hours on the plane, plugged it in and it worked perfectly.

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