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Comment Re:More Federal Stupidity (Score 1) 219

yep, you are "racist". you like certain ethnic groups and hate others, and say some ethnic groups are subhuman - meaning you are not only racist, you are a racial supremist and hence ignore facts about human genetics, including the fact that there is only one human race - we probably killed the remaining human races 10's of thousands of years ago.

Comment Re:Free Market (Score 1) 167

Broadband is not like roads. It is reasonable to have 2 or 3 providers, perhaps with joint custody of the last mile. But here in California my broadband provider owns everything and can abuse us to their heart's content - I have no options and no purchasing power to make choices. it is anti consumer and anti competitive. That is why competition "police" who stand up for the citizen can be an excellent watchdog to ensure the "corps" are serving the people and not fleecing/milking them.

Comment Re:Free Market (Score 5, Insightful) 167

You only have "freedom" where there are "police" to control those trying to "restrict" your freedom or "abuse" you.
It is not the invisible hand of the free market that is ensuring your food has accurate use-by-dates, correct ingredients listed and accurate nutritional information.
Do you think the free market would have stopped using lead in paints and asbestos in construction all by itself?
Do you think the free market would abolish insider trading all by itself or do we need a policeman called the SEC with teeth to enforce the "rules"

Comment Re:And nobody's life is changed (Score 1) 73

What if life actually started on Earth and found it's why to Europa due to meteor bombardment on Earth before the dinosaurs. Wouldn't you like to know if you have neighbours and if those neighbours are related?
Just remember that wifi that you most likely used to post your comment was created by Astronomers to do obscure star stuff, and it netted CSIRO 450$M of royalties, because it changed people's lives.
The internet itself was "something that won't change anyone's life" when it was built in the 1970's.
That is what basic science is all about. Discovery for curiosity's sake. If your child is dying of zika or malaria or ebola and a cure is found you might be grateful for the scientist who stumbled upon the answer by doing something completely different, or because they used software built by geologists or astronomers. Astronomy has also influenced cancer research, because software to identify stars can also be used to identify tumours. Astronomy is always valuable. New weather satellites that will better predict storms and flooding will save many lives in years to come.
The poor country Bolivia now has a satellite,, which enables Andean farmers to communicate with each other and their markets - improving their personal income by helping them bypass expensive middle merchants.
I challenge you to compare your own country's research spending and compare it to spending on pet food or candy. You should be horrified at the result.

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