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Comment Re:Wealth Redistribution (Score 1) 275

Coal mining and burning should be abolished because it puts NOx, SO2, arsenic, lead, mercury, nickel, vanadium, beryllium, cadmium, barium, chromium, copper, molybdenum, zinc, selenium and radium into the environment.
{I didn't even mention CO2.}

Comment Re:cost (Score 1) 201

I love the idea of thorium, but I think ramped up solar along with battery storage will win the day, because it is installed and working in days, it can be done cheaply by individuals, has good payback in Australia and southern USA and within the next few years once it's cheaper in Boston and Berlin, it's ubiquitous. Since the panels will have come mostly from China anyway, they will by far overtake the West. They can generate solar in Southern China, the Tibetan Plateau as well as the Taklamakan desert and take it north.
Do you also think the Indians are going to wait 5-15 years for thorium to clean up air pollution in Delhi, or are they going to jump to solar and e-cars as fast as possible? India can be very agile if they want to.

Comment The vast majority of humanity... (Score 1) 598

...lives inside their own time zone and simply does not interact with anyone outside of it. Why should they change everything for the sake of a tiny minority?
I personally interact with 4 timezones around the world daily.
it's easier for me to think "it's 8am in Sydney, I can now call him", than "it's some time in the morning in Sydney. now, when do they have midnight? now plus 8.."

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 282

You note these positive outcomes which were about protecting natural resources. The next one we need to do is reduce C02 in the atmosphere. If we don't have this positive outcome then the doomsday scenarios are real, We are already over 400 ppm and it's going up fast. We now live in the Anthropocene - our generation has changed the planet forever - no previous generations did that. The future will not be like the past - our actions will continue to change the planet. and it seems to me that the switch to solar + battery and then using excess energy to decarbonize the atmosphere is the only future I can see actually happening now. I want solar+battery to work, because fracking won't save us, nor do I see nuclear happening. Solar+battery is happening now, and individuals can get involved - we cannot get involved in wind, tides or much geothermal. While the politicians do nothing except stare at polls, we the people are plastering our houses with solar and buy batteries. Then the politicians will eventually step up when they see the people taking action and start consistently demanding national and global action.

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