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Comment Not really (Score 1) 337

>"Slashdot Asks: Would You Like Early Access To Movies And Stop Going To Theatres?"

No, not really. Doesn't matter all that much to me. I rarely go to see movies in a theater, but there are also few movies I want to see sooner than I already can at home. Yeah, it might be nice if things got to DVD/BluRay/Streaming sooner, but they already are now. But I won't pay a premium for getting it sooner either.... and I am guessing the vast majority of people out there won't, either.

Comment Re:De-evolution (Score 1) 276

I am replying to myself in lieu of one of the other replies.

Indeed "de-evolving" isn't scientific, it is just a word I am throwing at the issue. My point was that we, as a species, are more physically fragile than ever because we have become dependent on medical science to survive now. Any children I would have are more likely to have life-long health problems because I had the same problems and lived due to medications and medical interventions. And it is compounded over and over again through each generation. Natural selection has not just halted, but been REVERSED- a kind of "unnatural selection" remains....

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 186

>"In other words, the battery life is abysmal? "Almost" 2 days of light use from a charge is not a selling point."

So you never sleep? Do you have a phone with a 7 day battery???

It takes about 30 minutes to charge the Moto 360.2. I think anyone can spare that once every day or two...

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 186

>"I tried a Android Wear watch but grew dissatisfied with it as the battery on both those and Apple watches in most cases do not even last a full day and are not *always on* display like ePaper watches are."

You didn't try the Motorola 360.2. It is always-on, and battery lasts almost 2 days with light use. Inductive charging, nice round design, lots of apps, nice looking, full touchscreen, swappable bands. Just saying. Not cheap nor terribly thin, though. Of course, now we read that there are no plans for a 360.3 anytime soon and Android Wear 2.0 has been delayed until perhaps mid 2017 (waiting a year now for 2.0).

Comment Re:Not Fed (Score 1) 278

It is a complete guess based on total laws and powers I have seen. Want more examples of things the Fed has gotten into which are clearly reserved for the States?

Gun controls
Internal spying
Speed limits
Social Security
Farming supports
Student loans
Food stamps

The list is just endless of direct and indirect control. Through just the IRS, alone, the Fed creates what is effectively legislation about hundreds of things that it shouldn't- from child-rearing, to buying houses, to gambling, to what type of windows you installed in your house.

You might think the Fed SHOULD be doing all those things, and even the SCOTUS might think it should, but that is NOT what the Constitution says. It is not what the founders wanted. It is not how the system was supposed to work. We are free to amend the Constitution to take those powers away from the States, but we haven't.

Comment Not Fed (Score 2, Informative) 278

>" I am hopeful that this language may translate into support for funding K-12 computer science at a federal level."

The Constitution does not grant the Fed power or authority over education in any way and so those rights/powers/responsibilities belong solely to the States. Of course, 3/4 of what the Fed does is unconstitutional so why even point this out?

Comment Re:Explode? (Score 1) 285

>"it doesn't really matter if it was a lithium explosion or lithium fire that burned off your cock, if your cock is still burned off."

While that is true, the loaded, sensational, and inaccurate use of word of "explosion" for these rare fires sends much more fear and panic through people than just the word "fire"... which is exactly why they used the word. An "explosion" would blow your hand off, it doesn't just burn it... far more damage and from a distance too.

Comment Explode? (Score 4, Insightful) 285

>"...what may have caused some devices to overheat and explode,..."

To my knowledge, NONE of them "exploded". Those that had actual problems had overheating which led to a fire. That is not an "explosion". That word was used by the media to stir up tons of inaccurate hype.

>"...causing them to touch, heat up, and eventually in some cases, catch fire."


Comment Re:HP Envy x360 15 (Score 1) 284

I won't buy a laptop *without* a number pad.

How often do you actually use the keypad, and is it worth the annoyance of having the entire keyboard shifted to the left? You can also forget about anything with a 13- or 14-inch screen if you insist on a built-in keypad.

For the few occasions where I might need to enter lots of numeric data, there are USB keypads.

Comment Re:same as it ever was (Score 1) 284

To be fair the machines with soldered on RAM are often that way because they already have the maximum that the chipset supports.

The thinnest notebooks out there use soldered-on RAM more than likely because sockets would make them thicker. It's not just Apple that's following this approach, either; I have a Dell Latitude 7370 that's fixed at 8 GB RAM. I wouldn't be surprised if a fair number of other "ultrabook" models took the same approach.

(Apparently the entire bottom panel is still removable with some screws, and the SSD is an M.2 (?) unit that can be replaced with something of larger capacity. Nobody's figured out a sufficiently low-profile method for accomodating RAM upgrades, though.)

Comment Re:Not what customers want (Score 1) 80

>"Hulu wasn't bad when it was possible to adblock that for 3 minutes of silence and didn't charge. Or you can pitch 'em $10/mo and get it commercial free. Their current model's the worst of both worlds."

Yep, and that is one of the most major problems with "streaming", it gives the content provider 100% control over the delivery. At least with cable and DVR, it doesn't matter what they throw into the program, you can at least fast forward through it. Providers are VERY VERY tempted to use their power to control us. Look at what happened with DVD/BluRay! It was bad enough when they added unskippable anti-pirate warnings (yeah, I bought this disc and now you are going to PUNISH me for it!) But then they started adding unskippable previews, commercials, and PSA's!

Comment Re:teeny little screens (Score 2) 105

The point on a mobile device is pretty dubious, actually. Who in the world would like to watch a move on the tiny little screen?

When it's hanging off the seat in front of you, the average cellphone or tablet screen is big enough. Pop it into an Airhook and it'll just about be at eyeball height. I caught up on a couple of shows that way flying home this past weekend.

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