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Submission + - IWNet no ded servers policy causing ISP suspension (

icsx writes: Apparently Infinity Wards Modern Warfare 2 game online playing can result in trouble and get your account suspended. From the Steampowered forums:

"Was browsing the web and found this. Turns out, Comcast contacted me and they threatened to suspend my account, I told them over the phone what is going on and they managed to believe me and made a note on my account."


Submission + - IFPI plans to block Piratebay in Finland too

icsx writes: "Finnish IFPI follows Denmarks example and is planning to block the infamous Piratebay with courts order in civil case. The block would be done in same way as the recently introduced child porn website filtering — visitors would get a blocked site warning instead of the site itself. Now that blocking is there, it is easy to add more websites and this seems to be just the beginning. Original story in Finnish here."

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