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Comment Re:Detail (Score 0) 230

You cant put it up like that. It's not a valid comparison. Level done running with 60fps can be a lot cooler than a level with 30fps, stuffed in with useless crap without creativity. Console hardware is usually so poor that often games are running on lower resolution which is then scaled to full screen to achieve that 30fps in the first place anyway.

And please, don't start that 30fps human eye thing. It's not the same as in games because if you have 60 fps instead of 30 fps, you have 50% more frames that makes the game running smoother. Then there is motion blur too that is often used to hide the fact that game runs bad.

Comment Re:Twitterization? (Score 2) 247

Thats not actually true. Valve has taken a direction where they plan to run servers themselves more and more to multiplayergames they make. The people who previously were running multiplayer servers, as in the community and people willing to run them, are now taking a hit due to lack of players and Valve making things harder.

The lack of Support regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a good example. Community owners requested that Valve fixes the broken menus issue, instead, they broke them even further untill few weeks ago, it was finally fixed. The menus were broken long before beta period ended and game got officially launched. Valve didn't listen the people who run servers at all.

So, there are even fewer community servers out there for newer games if this keeps up. What happens when Valve finally wants to switch off their servers for some of the games (they already did that for the majority of Left 4 Dead, but not L4D2). The communities that have been having those active player bases and that have been keeping the players happy, will fade away and long term support will end, thus making gamers not having a place to play.

They keep saying community servers are important to Valve but all i've seen within the past 7 years that things are going in the worse direction. It's just a public press stunt.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 275

Somewhere, just now a blog stating someone's personal opinions about certain government/people/religion/whatever, running on certain domain was directed to bitspace. You still think it can't happen to average person? You grow up.

Comment Expansions, DLC's, full games (Score 1) 156

You used to get these sequels for games, which later on turned into expansions and then developed into this DLC thing. These days atleast the major companies plan a lot ahead. They tell the developers what to do in advance. Developers accept the terms because they need money to make the games. In these contracts, the developer is required to do updates to the game for period of time or even a sequel - or DLC, which is propably more cost free to do.

If the developer is owned by larger company, then they even might nominate a pointman to the project (game) that get's developed and say what there is going to be and so on. Good example of this is the Mafia II game where the 2009 pre-material shows missions that are not in the final game but instead, sold as DLC "jimmy's vendetta". The DLC lasts as long as the maingame but is sold at 10 bucks. I guess the 2K got a heart now since selling it as full game with 50$ pricetag would have been a ripoff - or perhaps Mafia II was as the content was cut due to "plot not working in-game".

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