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Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 517

Why would you need to worry about directional shifting? Pump water up in one pipe, release water down in another pipe that contains a turbine. No directional shifting necessary. There was a nice article on NPR the other day about a Spanish island doing exactly this:

Submission + - Dart Co-Creator And Mozilla JavaScript Expert Talk Google Dart and ECMAScript 6

rjmarvin writes: Google's Dart programming language looks to rewrite the rules of web development Dart co-creator Lars Bak explains how exactly Dart is designed to improve on JavaScript, particularly in writing larger, more complex web applications. On the other side of the web development space, Mozilla research fellow and ECMAScript project editor Allen Wirfs-Brock talks about the current state of JavaScript and how ECMAScript 6, targeted for implementation this December, addresses many of Google's criticisms with the first major enhancement to the language since 1999.

Submission + - Kanye West Sues Everybody Over "Coinye" Cryptocurrency (

jfruh writes: The people behind the digital "coinye" currency, named after Kanye West, meant it to be partly a cryptocurrency in the mold of bitcoin and partly a spoof. But they didn't ask West in advance, and now he's mad. Really mad. He's suing anyone even vaguely related to coinye, including Amazon, since was hosted by Amazon Web Services. Also included in the legal dragnet for some reason is the even sillier "dogecoin" currency.

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