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Submission + - Could EFF Bring Case Against ATT Under the DMCA?

johns582 writes: "The EFF's case against ATT is based largely on the claim that ATT was complicit in the violation of consumers' privacy when it cooperated with the NSA to create a secret room at its San Francisco facility which, when put together with similar facilities, may have diverted as much as half of ATT's domestic traffic to the NSA for analysis. But perhaps an alternative strategy would be for the EFF to bring the case against ATT as a violation of the DMCA. Since the device used to divert traffic to the NSA (a "splitter") makes copies of all of the traffic passing through the network, what happens when an ATT customer downloads a legal copy of Fireworks, for example, and the packets transferred from Macromedia to the end-user are duplicated by ATT? There must be massive illegal copying involved in this operation — numerous counts of violations of the DMCA. Wouldn't it be, er, poetic if government spying was struck down under the DMCA? Or better yet: let ATT's lawyers find a way to weaken the DMCA by getting ATT off and, in the process, setting precedent that weakens the DMCA's application."

Submission + - 2007 Digital Media Winners & Losers

An anonymous reader writes: "2007 appears to be the year of attrition", says MP3 Newswire's Richard Menta as he runs down this year's winners and losers in digital media. This year's losers list is a graveyard of defunct download services (Sony Connect, Virgin Digital, MTV URGE, Google Video, AllofMP3) and troubled record industry service providers (Snocap, MediaDefender, Suncomm/MediaMax). Topping the losers list is HD Radio, because the radios presently on the market have such poor sensitivity they completely undermine the technology's promise of improved quality. uTorrent makes the winners list this year as the new king of the BitTorrent clients, followed by Radiohead and Prince for pioneering new music revenue models. Apple takes the top spot again on the strength of the iPhone, while Frostwire and Pando share an honorable mention. /. picked up last year's list for those who missed it.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Will Guitar Hero Create Next Real Guitar 'God'? ( 1

cayenne8 writes: Interesting article at CNET that indicates already that possibly playing Guitar Hero, will help influence the kids of today to pick up a REAL guitar and learn to play.

It has been reported by guitar instructors, that enrollments of all ages have been increasing, and that possibly the Guitar Hero series of games is responsible. It seems that the game has opened the door to youngsters (and some not so youngsters) to great guitar driven songs and bands of the past. And while the game doesn't really give you any music skills as far as melody, harmony, does help one to generate a good sense of rhythm.

Personally, I hope it opens the eyes of kids today of what a good rock band should be. That tomorrow's bands may reach back to the past to become entities that actually PLAY their own instruments, and have stage presence and actually sing without twelve tons of electronic help.

As the article says: "Is tomorrow's Clapton playing 'Guitar Hero'(Today)?

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - TPB files charges against media companies (

PurpleZebra writes: "Thanks to the email-leakage from MediaDefender-Defenders we now have proof of the things we've been suspecting for a long time; the big record and movie labels are paying professional hackers, saboteurs and ddosers to destroy our trackers. While browsing through the email we identified the companies that are also active in Sweden and we have tonight reported these incidents to the police. The charges are infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming, all of these on a commercial level. The companies that are being reported are the following: * Twentieth Century Fox, Sweden AB * Emi Music Sweden AB * Universal Music Group Sweden AB * Universal Pictures Nordic AB * Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden) AB * Atari Nordic AB * Activision Nordic Filial Till Activision (Uk) Ltd * Ubisoft Sweden AB * Sony Bmg Music Entertainment (Sweden) AB * Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic AB"

Submission + - UMG CEO tells us all what we've known for years

ewalk writes: "Doug Morris, chair and CEO of Universal Music Group, is fairly blunt and surprisingly open in this interview. The article describes how the music industry and labels in particular, were slow to embrace MP3s as the new distribution medium, only to be caught in Jobs' "golden handcuffs" when the iTunes music store took off. The article also describes the upcoming Total Music system that appears to be squarly aimed at providing an alternative to the iTunes Music Store. Morris believes that consumers are more likely to utilize a subscription-based system if it is bundled with a third-party device from Sony or Microsoft. However, the article notes that DRM will still be needed, leading to a lack of interoperability between systems, music players, and software. Alas, Morris "doesn't care." Simply put, he belives that it is his job to "protect the music.""

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