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Submission + - $900,000 raised for buying Tesla's Lab (

icebraining writes: As Slashdot reported earlier, The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman launched a funding campaign to help the Tesla Science Center, a 503(c) non-profit, buy the place of Tesla's final laboratory, the Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, New York. Well, thanks to 21511 contributors, it has already raised $912,080, well above the original $800,000 goal. But it's not too late to help: any money raised above the goal will be used by the organization to build a museum dedicated to Tesla.

Submission + - Google Literal Search, Reborn ( 1

icebraining writes: As Slashdotters like to point out, the new helping features of Google Search, such as auto-correcting spelling mistakes and adding synonyms and similar versions of the terms, can cause problems with certain search queries. To solve that, Google has announced on their blog that a new option called Verbatim, available under the menu "more search options", is being added to their Search product and will be available in the next few days. In addiction to the new option, Search will feature better tuned algorithms that will hopefully reduce the need to use it.

Submission + - HP to discontinue WebOS devices (

icebraining writes: According to a press release cited by Engadget, HP is preparing to kill off their webOS phones and tablets. Quote from the press release:

HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones.


Submission + - Mozilla rejects WebP image format, Google adds it (

icebraining writes: Ars Technica looks at the recent rejection of WebP by the Mozilla Developer Joe Drew. "Building mainstream support for a new media format is challenging, especially when the advantages are ambiguous. WebM was attractive to some browser vendors because its royalty-free license arguably solved a real-world problem. According to critics, the advantages of WebP are illusory and don't offer sufficient advantages over JPEG to justify adoption of the new format. (...) "As the WebP image format exists currently, I won't accept a patch for it. If and when that changes, I'll happily re-evaluate my decision!" wrote Mozilla developer Joe Drew in a Bugzilla comment."

Submission + - Linux kernel developer David Brownell dies (

icebraining writes:

Greg KH:
As I have seen this tangentially mentioned already a few times publically, I figured it warranted it's own announcement now.
Linux has lost a great developer with the passing of David Brownell recently and he will be greatly missed.
sadly, greg k -h

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