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Submission + - Android Kerberos Port using CyaSSL Embedded SSL (

ccflyer writes: "The Android platform has previously been void of Kerberos support — forcing Android developers who are creating new applications or porting existing projects to either modify existing code or exclude Kerberos functionality from their apps and libraries altogether. yaSSL has taken the first steps in bringing Kerberos to the Android platform by porting the native MIT Kerberos libraries to Android."

Submission + - Slashdot launches a career (

dstates writes: NPR reports that singer Jonathan Coulton, an internet rock star now grossing half a million dollars a year with out the aid of a record label or contract. He came to LA to be a musician, but to make ends meet he took up jobs in software. He attributes his big break to a posting of his song Code Monkey on Slashdot. For more Slashdot posting on Coulton, including the original Code Monkey post search slashdot.

Submission + - Study Finds Cell-Phone Signals Disrupt Bee Colonie (

the simurgh writes: "One group that appears to be unhappy with the rapidly exploding population of cell phones is honeybees. According to a new study, wireless phone signals are confusing the insects to the point of death — and could be a major factor in colony collapse disorder.

The study, by researcher and biologist Daniel Favre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is the result of 83 experiments that looked at honeybees' reactions to nearby cell phones in off and standby modes, and when making phone calls."

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Amazon Servers Used in Sony Playstation Hack (

the simurgh writes: "Amazon servers may have been used to carry out the massive Playstation hack that compromised the personal information of more than 100 million Playstation Network users. According to a report from Bloomberg, sources close to the ongoing investigation say the attack was mounted from Amazon Web Service's cloud computing platform."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - GNU telephony tools for fun, profit and freedom (

v3rgEz writes: "A collection of GNU telephony tools has been highlighted as a way for citizens to counter-act repressive regimes. It also turns out it's a good way to earn a buck: IT professionals with telephony skills are highly in demand, and GNUjitsu can help cut costs at both small business and large enterprises without giving up business-grade reliability."

Data Breach Could Test Massachusetts Law 73

Gunkerty Jeb writes "The Massachusetts Attorney General has been notified that financial data on 1,800 residents was exposed in a database breach linked to the CitySights NY sightseeing firm. Could this be the test case for enforcement of the State's nine month-old data privacy law? The leak of financial information on more than 100,000 customers of the CitySights sightseeing tour company could prove to be an early test of the nation's strongest data privacy law."

Submission + - Spanning Tree Protocol Is Doomed? ( 1

judgecorp writes: No-one likes the spanning tree protocols, which eliminates loops in networks, and now both juniper and Cisco want to do away with it in data centres. Juniper proposes a flat network, and Cisco wants users to adopt FabricPath along with its Nexus systems. Either way, for many sites, spanning tree could one day be history.

Submission + - Millions In Losses For Web 2.0 Security Issues (

Orome1 writes: A global McAfee survey covering 17 countries found that half of businesses were concerned about the security of Web 2.0 applications such as social media, micro blogging, collaborative platforms, web mail, and content sharing tools. More than six out of ten organizations have already suffered losses averaging $2 million, for a collective loss of more than $1.1 billion in security related incidents last year. There was another 60 percent concerned about loss of reputation as a result of Web 2.0 misuse. Brazil, Spain and India led in adoption of Web 2.0 technology for business, while adoption was lowest in Canada, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Submission + - iPhone 4 jailbreak getting closer (

An anonymous reader writes: iPhone 4 owners waiting for a working jailbreak for the latest Apple handset will be pleased to hear about a new exploit called SHAtter.

The hack has been demonstrated on the latest version of the iPod Touch and the iPhone Dev Team reckons it's only a matter of time before the exploit is wrapped up in a user-freindly package and released to the waiting public.


Submission + - SPAM: Windows Phone 7 Set To Launch November 8, 2010

TheAW writes: Rumors, albeit ‘very reliable’ ones are flying around reporting that Windows Phone 7 will be arriving in the US on November 8, 2010 and not October 11, 2010 which it had been widely reported to be. With claims of an Apple style event in New York City on October 11th, many blogs had been rife with rumors that this is when the Windows Phone 7 would be unveiled. It seems this is not the case and the US will have to wait a little longer. An interesting theory though, doing the rounds, is that Europe will see the new Windows Phone 7 go on sale on October 21, 2010 – by Europe, I’m talking, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain
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R In a Nutshell Screenshot-sm 91

joel.neely writes "R is a statistical computing environment that is fully-compliant with state-of-the-art buzzwords: free, open-source, cross-platform, interactive, graphics, objects, closures, higher-order functions, and more. It is supported by an impressive collection of user-supplied modules through CRAN, the 'Comprehensive R Archive Network.' And now it has its own O'Reilly Nutshell book, R in a Nutshell, written by Joseph Adler. I am pleased to report that Adler has risen to the challenge of the highly-regarded 'Nutshell' franchise. As is traditional for the series, this title mixes introduction, tutorial, and reference material in a style that is well suited to a reader who already has a background in programming, but is a new or occasional user of R." Read on for the rest of Joel's review.

Chase Bank May Drop Support of Chrome, Opera 398

mwandaw writes "Banking giant JPMorgan Chase may drop support of some popular browsers because they do not 'all offer the minimum levels of security that we require while others may not perform well with our site.' After July 18 you may not be able to access the website with a browser that they do not support. The list of browsers they currently support seems outdated: Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Firefox 2.0 and higher, and Safari 3.0 and higher (for Macs only). With usage of IE6 plummeting and concerns about its security well known, the inclusion of that browser seems suspect. On the other extreme, rising star Chrome appears to be left out, too. What does Google think of that?"

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