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Comment Boy have things changed since the 1980s (Score 2) 40

No one seemed to have a problem back when Jobs poached several Xerox PARC engineers to recreate the tech he couldnt get the company to give him unrestricted access to everything he wanted for the Lisa and Macintosh products. Of course if crap like the DMCA were around in the 1970s Gates, Allen and Jobs would probably have died in prison and Ed Roberts and Gary Kildall would be billionaires.

Comment net neutrality is certainty for growing companies (Score 1) 319

Net neutrality is certainty for growing companies. AT&T née SBC, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner... these are not companies that need a lot of growth. They're already huge. The simple regulation was pretty straightforward.

Not having a neutral network, which actually means not having fair-market pricing and having censorship power over content producers and publishers in the hands of the incumbent network providers means much less certainty for smaller companies that may be trying to grow. Will your customers be able to see your video without paying extra to receive it compared to Comcast's own IP video streaming? Will AT&T disallow traffic from a website that publishes an article critical of AT&T from reaching AT&T customers? This whole "pay to upload and pay to download at the producer, then have the consumer pay to upload and download at their end, then tack on extra costs for the consumer to download the content from only some producers" is an unfair business tactic and a cause of uncertainty among those content producers.

Pai is trying to make things simpler for the biggest companies on the network and much more risky and unknown for absolutely everyone else, and calls that transparency.

Comment Re:Oh, Very Fscking Hilarious, Pai... (Score 1) 119

Bannon was just recorded on audio the other day at some meeting. The topic was Trump's clear mandate to disassemble the administrative state and gut non-statute regulations. That's the plan. They want to make sure if something's not in the statutory code it's not legally enforceable. The want to completely dismantle the Executive agencies beyond Defense, State, and DHS basically.




Pai's not there to provide regulations or play games with regulations. He's there to remove them. "Improved demarcation" means in this context he wants to shrink what each one covers to the point there's obviously no overlap.

Comment "both sides of the aisle" is a political statement (Score 1) 402

The phrase "both sides of the aisle" is itself a political statement, and a bullshit one at that. The majority of the US are independent voters. The "first past the post" voting system is allowing this duopoly and false dichotomy to keep gasping for air. We need real chances for other parties and a real representational voting system to allow that. I support approve/disapprove voting.

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