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Comment Re:Windows is Bloated (Score 1) 133

Yeah, I know about the LTSB version and it's obvious to anyone that knows a bit about computers that all those apps and bits aren't actually needed to run the OS. I'd actually be willing to pay for a clean version on Win 10 (well, I'd rather they change the UI also but that's another matter) but as you said they won't sell it to individuals.

Comment Re:Windows is Bloated (Score 2) 133

Agree but because the system contains many things that are not necessary for it to work but you can't remove anyway. I don't need "Groove Music", or a maps app, or the Xbox app.
It'd be nice if we could get a barebones OS and the install things as needed. Yeah I know, I also use Linux and I love how you can install some minimal distros without even an UI.

Comment Tired of being mined for data (Score 1) 71

I'm really tired of being mined for data by every website/app. It's like there isn't any other possible business model. There're some services (not everything) that I'd be happy to pay for if I could be sure they wouldn't harverst and sell data not necessary for its basic functioning. You know, like what software licensing used to be: You pay some money you get a product that does only what it's supposed to.

Comment Precisely what Android was built for (Score 1) 64

Android was built so that Google could get even more personal data from you. I'd say it's worked pretty well because they now have lots of data from people who even don't use computers.
While that a legitimate (IMO) business model it's annoying since Google will logically push their services hard on Android devices and that's just what has been happening in the last few years in Android.
Also I wouldn't mind paying a license to use Android and then be able to use Android just like a PC, i.e.: Being able to uninstall everything Google and have root permissions to do whatever I please.

Comment Re:It's called market demographics. (Score 1) 85

Spaniard here, maybe I shouldn't bother replying to an AC but...
Economy has been recovering for a few years now and unemployment rate steadily decreasing. We don't have a huge GDP per capita but we have a good standard of living, a high life expectancy and we've been within the top 30 in HDI for many years.

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