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Comment Re:So much for Twitter (Score 1) 64

I do use Twitter. Actually it's the social network I use the most and I agree with your post. I hate how every company that seems to have some importance is acquired by a bigger fish: Whatsapp, Yahoo, Twitter.
Of course, I fear that whoever buys it they'll make bad changes.
It looks like the future of the internet will be controlled by Google, Microsoft and Facebook, everything being eventually acquired by them

Comment Re:Improvements (Score 1) 129

It's time to move on if the new UI is better than the old if not we'd be better off with the old one.
I don't mind minor UI changes like those introduced until Win 7 but explain to me why on a desktop is better a flat UI, no borders on buttons, no shadows, huge UI elements, tons of whitespace. Those things are nice on a touchscreen, on my PC I want a high density UI.
In Linux at least the UI is decoupled from the base OS and thus you can choose whichever you like the most

Comment Re:Hoping it's a better success than OpenOffice.or (Score 1) 69

I certainly hope so since I've been using Netbeans for many years and I really like it. However, it looks to me that when Oracle donates some project to someone else they just want to stop investing in it, and something the size of Netbeans I don't think will get very far without a corporate sponsor

Comment Re:Goodbye Quality (Score 1) 69

I had one of their Marble trackballs and my left button stopped working pretty soon. There was even a video on Youtube for replacing the microswitches for that EXACT model. That makes clear how common that is. It seems that if you really want to keep using Logitech mice and trackballs your only good alternative is to change the microswitches when they break

Comment Re:Goodbye Quality (Score 1) 69

I haven't had much luck with Logitech mice. I bought one of their trackballs (Marble trackball, price around 35€) and the left button stopped working after about a year. Investigated a bit on the Internet and found out they use the same (crappy) microswitches on that model that on their super cheap (10€) mice. That model of microswitch is widely known to be unreliable.
Coincidentally I had such a cheap mouse and its left button also stopped working after some months of use. I checked that the microswitch was the same model as on the expensive trackball. That doesn't bother me much on a cheap product but I expected the more expensive product to have higher quality components.

Comment Re:Porn Watching Indicates A Sad Human. (Score 4, Interesting) 301

I was reading a forum post about prostitution some time ago and a woman who was for prohibition essentially said (not with these words of course) that if men could get sex from prostitutes they would put less effort in seducing proper women. Yeah, you read it right, she was against prositution because it hurt her chances of meeting her blue prince.
If you think about it, it's the same reason (some) women talk badly about other women that they think give out sex too easily. i.e.: without a sufficient commitment (financial, sentimental, etc.) from the man they're having sex with.

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