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Comment Re:Old dog, old tricks (Score 1) 372

There's no good guy and no bad guy. They're just companies and if sometimes seem better or worse is because of the amount of power they have in those instants.
Right now, Microsoft has a ridiculous marketshare on mobiles so if they don't want their software and services to drift towards irrelevance they must make them available where the people is i.e.: Android and iOS. That's the only reason they're releasing so many software for those plaforms now

Comment Re:They need to sell off quickly. (Score 1) 130

IMO making websites (and, in general, computer UIs) mobile/touch friendly has made them much worse.
I understand the benefits of having a single UI for everyone but that leads to the least common denominator which include sparse UIs which tons of whitespace.
That's forcing users of traditional PCs to use a UI that's worse that's not optimal for what their screen and input interfaces allow and that's worse than what they had before.
I understand that the mobile devices are now a majority but, please can't we get 2 UIs? one for desktop and one for mobile/touch. I'm not asking for much just for what we used to have.

Comment Re:21st century IBM (Score 1) 35

you can only milk the office suite and OS for so long

Yeah, that's why now sell primarily Office as a subscription service to keep a constant revenue and have turned Windows into a data gathering, MS-service-pushing and advertising platform.
Those moves make financial sense but I hate what they've turned Windows into.

Comment Re: retrieve your calendar information (Score 1) 93

Exactly. I also want to pay for things with only money and not my privacy and data.
Ideally, every service which is totally or in part paid with advertisements or my data should have an option to be paid with money.
Sadly we seem to be going the opposite direction where more and more services can only be paid with your privacy. See for instance Windows 10: There's no way to completely remove the data gathering features even if you pay Microsoft.

Comment I'd rather see them supporting Tizen (Score 1) 97

...but I guess they think Samsung has too much control over it.
The problem is that if any smartphones is to compete with Android or iOS it's gotta be backed by a good amount of big companies. Although, at this point it's probably too late since even Microsoft has been unable to gain much marketshare despite their enormous resources.
Btw, I hate the artificial limitations that the current smartphone OS impose on users. They should give the user total freedom, they should be like PCs just smaller.

Comment Android should do the same thing (Score 1) 65

...but Google won't allow it because Android is just a vehicle to get you to use their services
Sadly even MS is going this way with Windows 10. OSs have stopped being tools for the user, they're now tools for the OS maker to get your data and make money off you

Comment Re:fuck me (Score 1) 664

Why? Because Microsoft have changed their economic model regarding Windows:
They used to want people to buy Windows and thus they used to make the best OS they could.
They've now changed the business model to that of a mobile OS: Their plan is to make money through the Windows Store, the data they gather about you, etc.and thus they want everyone to run Win 10.
They're betting that by being insistent most people will cave in even if they don't like Windows 10 much.
I hate all of this but it seems things are going according to their plan

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 1) 155

I can only speak for myself but...I find annoying having to install a separate app just to chat through Facebook. The main Facebook app is already huge (+100 MB) and it used to have the chat integrated so I resent having to install yet another app just for the chat.
As for the main topic of the article: That's what you get for using a propietary protocol/service. The owner gets to dictate how you use it. Every day I grow more and more tired of walled gardens and propietary services.

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