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Comment Leave the desktop alone (Score 1) 18

Since the PC is dying (right?) and is gonna make them less and less money they could've left Windows alone. Instead of that they had to turn it into a smartphone OS: Constantly spying the user, pushing ads and services upon the user abd pushing towars touch-first UIs.
They could've included the Win7 UI as a gesture to those of us who don't use our PC with a touchscreen.

Comment Re:Three words? (Score 1) 255

I guess that's because they make much more money from corporations than from individuals or is somehow more scared of corporations leaving.
When they see a real threat they do react see for instance what happened with the Xbox One when, after they said it'd need to be always connected thousands of gamers said they'd go with PS4 instead. They changed they course in a heartbeat

Comment Re:Three words? (Score 1) 255

Seeing the shit Windows has turned into, the respect motive is a really important and appropiate one: It lets you uninstall and disable things you don't want and they stay that way (hello Cortana and assorted uninstallable Windows 10 things). It lets you update at your own pace. You tell the computer what to do and *gasp* it does it.

Comment Re:Why is anyone making a 4GB device in 2016? (Score 1) 82

Yeah, totally agree. It's stupid going for the lower capacity chips.
I'm of the few people who still prefer a standalone device for playing music (and my smartphone doesn't have an FM radio) and most MP3 players have 4 or 8 of memory. I bought a 16 GB Samsung player about 5 years ago (it even has a MicroSD slot). Why are we going backwards?

Comment Re:Come on... (Score 1) 233

Agree on the continuous UI redesign: Most of the time it bring the user no benefits. It's just different following the trend of the moment. Now it's all about flat, huge amounts of whitespace and monochrome icons. Ah, and forcing touch UIs everywhere making people who use them with a kb and mouse suffer a substandard UI, certainly worse than the old UIs which were designed to the strengths of kb and mouse.

Comment Re:Wow 20 years! (Score 2) 127

Totally agree with you. UIs have gone worse terribly in the last few years all in the name of stupid trends designers copy from each other and of consistency. i.e.: Forcing a mobile UI in a desktop where it totally doesn't make sense.
You'd think the open source people would have more sense but they always end up copying whatever Google/Apple/Ms are doing.
At least in Linux we can choose our DE. In Windows and Mac you're stuck with whatever the UI gods have thought of

Comment Re:"Better" or just "Different"? (Score 1) 113

It's part of a concerted effort of major tech companies to make the desktop experience suck. Microsoft is a huge believer of this strategy, their contributions include: forcing parts of UI in Windows to always show touch-optimized interfaces despite the device is running on having no touch screen, making some programs and services so that they can't be turned off (Cortana), pushing ads on PCs, etc.
I get that desktop users are (on their way to being) a minority, I don't ask for preferential treatment just give us what we used to have. Is that so much to ask?

Comment Obviously needs to change (Score 2) 145

We have to find a way to make recycling of electronics profitable. It's a disaster that so many millions of electronic devices are discarded each year without recovering most of their materials.
Specially bad is in the case of the smartphones which most people replace within two years and have experienced huge growth in the last few years. Nowadays fewer and fewer PCs are built and people keep them for much longer than before. I hope that smartphones go in that direction too although I'm not optimistic about that since in my experience they seem to fail much earlier than PCs

Comment Re:This might not be a good move for Google (Score 1) 116

I don't think Samsung can get an alternative mobile OS to be successful. Not at this point anyway. Microsoft with all their money and resources hasn't been able to make it work with Windows Phone.
There's one thing Samsung does have: They can make their alternative OS phones look like their Android Touchwiz layer and so many people wouldn't know they're not running Android...except when they go to install apps and many of their favorites are not available. In fact, they actually did the UI thing with some of their Tizen phones.
If a new mobile OS is to win me over it must be a real PC OS: Give me root access, let me use desktop apps when connected to a keyb and monitor, have real multitasking (several processes running concurrently without restrictions), etc.

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