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Comment Re:sad, but inevitable (Score 1) 180

I'm not into tech news these days but has anyone been able to build a smartwatch with as long a battery life as the Pebbles? I always thought epaper was the right tech for smartwatches since because of size limitations they are restricted to a small battery

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 180

You don't really *need* more battery life but it's nice to have it and being able to forget charging for a few days.
I currently have a Xiaomi Mi band 2 and, while it's not exactly a smartwatch I love that its battery life is long (around 2 weeks). Also, since it tracks your sleep it's nice being able to wear it while you're sleeping since you don't have to charge it every day

Comment Re:Wrong issue...take off the blinders. (Score 2) 403

Exactly, technically it seems Win 10 is pretty good. What kills it for me it's the hideous mobile-like UI but mainly the spying and blatant pushing of Ms' own products inside of Windows itself. An OS should let the user take control. Windows 10 takes part of that control away from the user but most of all an OS should not have spying nor publicity.

Comment What hardware? (Score 1) 117

I'd really like to know what hardware this has inside. It might very well be something similar to the new NES, i.e.: an ARM SOC running an emulator.
It'd be really cool if this was running on the original chips. As opposed to the NES it seems the Genesis used pretty standard hardware: A Motorola 68K, a Z80 a pretty common Yamaha sound chip.
Alas, it's probably more expensive to build a device with those chips nowadays than to use the ARM and emulator option.

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