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Comment Limit of Energy Density (Score 1, Interesting) 138


Is it (theoretically) possible for a battery to reach the same energy density as fossil fuel? Gasoline has an energy density of 46MJ/kg while a lithium based battery has an energy density of around 1MJ/kg.

This would mean that an electric car, boat or airplane would have the same potential range as their oil powered brethren.

Comment Re:Just needs a little nudge. (Score 3, Insightful) 231

Actually it's not. I asked this question to Chris Hadfield (sorry for the name dropping) about two years ago and the 57 degree inclination of the ISS doesn't preclude a trajectory to any lunar orbital inclination - the trajectory required might be a bit wonky (meaning it will take a very long time to get there) but it is possible.

I suspect the biggest limiting factor will be the increased radiation the ISS (and its occupants) will encounter outside of the Van Allen belts.

Comment Re:Just needs a little nudge. (Score 4, Informative) 231

That's a really interesting idea but what is this "O3" and "H3" you are talking about?

I think you're confusing "O3" with the right most term in FeTiO3, which is ilmenite, a very common rock on the moon (take a look at: https://spacemath.gsfc.nasa.go...). The "O3" is simply three oxygen atoms in each molecule of ilmenite.

As for "H3", how about "He3", which is an isotope of helium with only one neutron instead of the more common He4 which has two. This has been an important part of the dream/fantasy that lunar He3 can be burned with deuterium in a clean fusion reaction.

Comment Sorry, it's time has passed (Score 1) 207

At the time of OS/2, it really was the best operating system available for PCs. Well written, fast operation, superior UI and great security. I'm definitely biased because of the involvement I had in its design and early integration, but it was an excellent platform.

I just don't see how bringing it back now, after so many years of being ignored, it can be brought up to speed in terms of features and hardware advances. It's limited to 32bit processors and I don't see any mention of handling multiple cores not to mention GPUs, USB 3.0, etc.

The investment could be made to bring OS/2 up to the latest standards, but I don't see it resulting in any kind of positive return in terms of users.

Comment Microsoft == dumbass (Score 0) 114

I would presume that Microsoft knows about this problem and really I would think that the OneDrive Program Manager should be hopping up and down demanding the problem is fixed.

In my company, we have Linux (Ubuntu with some Mint recently), Windows (primarily 7, avoiding 10 like the plague as much as possible), Mac OS, & ChromeOS - using Dropbox for sharing data right now but will need a better solution over the next few months.

Thanx for the article,

OneDrive for Buisness != Not my Business

Comment Much consternation about nothing? (Score 1) 303

As RTFA, I'm struck that is affects 5.5k marketers (1.5% of the company's workforce) who are not getting the results that their boss is looking for. Ms. Peluso believes that the issue is with employees not being able to effectively work together because they are in different locations (ie their homes). She may very well be right and it's within her authority to bring the employees into the office.

I guess you could argue that this is the thin edge of the wedge - more IBM employees from other areas who are working productively at home could be forced to come into the office but, before that happens, let's wait and see what happens here.

Comment Good on Mr. Branson (Score 2) 77

I guess you could call this a stunt as Dr. Hawking, at 75 and with his health issues would not be considered a likely astronaut but I think it's great that he is given this opportunity.

Too many people have gone (Arthur C. Clarke as one) that fully expected to experience spaceflight during their lives and it's nice to see Dr. Hawking will get that opportunity.

From somebody hoping that one day their ship will come in and get the same experience.

Comment Re:Chrome (Score 2) 130

Nothing is 100% reflective; some energy will be absorbed, the object and it's coating will heat, start to char and the reflective properties will be lost.

The issue is holding the beam on the target long enough so that the absorbed energy will start to damage the coating and what's underneath. The time required drops as the energy level increases.

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