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Submission + - Launching Satellites cheaply at light speed

Denis Joseph Barrow writes: "Before launching the Satellite launch around 50 bullet shaped objects at a rate of probably 10,000 a second each of successively larger radius. Probably with conical tops starting at about 1cm in radius & increasing in surface area linearly to about 1 meter in radius. When the bullet stops accelerating vertically have an accelerometer in the bullet to make it explode in a horizontal direction & a put a fuse on it's rear end to cause it to explode if a preceding bullet crashes into it. The idea of doing this is that a successively larger & better vacuum hole will be created in the atmosphere the bullets should I believe travel along the path of least resistance & winds should make minimal effect owing to the speed of the bullets & the speed at which new bullets come along. By the time the satellite is to be launched almost a complete vacuum should be available for it & I'd hope that the Satellite will be able to travel hopefully at upto 97% the speed of light."

Submission + - How Burma cyber-dissidents crack censorship

s-orbital writes: "According to a BBC News article, "Images of saffron-robed monks leading throngs of people along the streets of Rangoon have been seeping out of a country famed for its totalitarian regime and repressive control of information. The pictures, sometimes grainy and the video footage shaky, are captured at great personal risk on mobile phones — but each represents a powerful statement of political dissent."

This article continues to tell the stories of how Burma's bloggers use proxy servers, free hosting services, and other technologies to overcome Burma's "pervasive" filtering of internet access and media exchange between the outside and inside worlds. Also, bloggers report numerous attempt of the Burmese government using the same channels to attempt to disseminate false information."

Submission + - PS3 crosses petaflop barrier (

mistahkurtz writes: From the article:

the aggregated computation power of the PS3 consoles — by themselves — has crossed the Petaflop line!

what i find most interesting is the disproportion between the PS3s, with 41145 CPUs active, and the runner-up (windows) with 173,353 CPUs active.


Submission + - How to Build Your Own Bot?

An anonymous reader writes: While I am not one of the chosen few who are able to participate in Carnegie Mellon's many robotics projects, I'm sure I'm not the only Slashdot reader that would be interested in giving robotics a shot. So my question to the Slashdot community is; how might someone start out in hobby robotics? Most people are aware of Lego Mindstorms, but I'm looking for something a bit more professional. How many Slashdot readers have dreamed of building their own robot from the ground up, gears to software? So how would you do it? Share your ideas — from sensors and actuators to computers and programming languages.
Operating Systems

Submission + - System Emulation with QEMU on Linux

IdaAshley writes: Today, googling the word virtualization results in around 22 million hits. In this article, learn about QEMU, an interesting virtualization applications not headlining the news today. QEMU is an open source emulator for complete PC systems you can use on a number of settings. Explore QEMU and its architecture and how to emulate a guest operating system on a Linux host.

Comment Re:Wish I was paid like this in the UK (Score 1) 582

That's a sad tale and I feel for you. I can see why you'd want a change but I'm not sure about the physics degree. All the people I know who have Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Electronics degrees are working in IT now! We have a guy in our department who has a Doctorate in Chemistry! He couldn't get work and took up Unix administration.

If there's something you are already good at and still like doing it I'd stick it out. The only problem is getting that recognised. From what you said in the other post about the kind of work you do it's obvious you know what you are doing (not enough people understand the importance of security IMHO) and that's the hard part done! Plenty of people are great at selling themselves and 'networking' but haven't got the goods.

I don't work in the creative industry so I don't really know what it's like or how to get on but somebody might give you the right advice... I once tried to make it as a photographer so I've got an idea of how tough it might be but I never had the drive or the balls to go for it properly so I can't say.

It took me 6 years after graduating before I got a decent job in IT last year. But that's mainly because I didn't have an IT related degree or any useful skills. I started with data entry and worked my way up from there. I had to teach myself Unix and Oracle in my spare time and that's what got me a job in Storage for a large bank.

Don't give up on a career in Web Development if you want one. Just stay clear of big companies if you don't like the whole HR coven of witches scene. You may well have thought about this but what about doing something for a company or individual for free in your spare time? It might lead somewhere unexpected.

Anyway, good luck with it!

13-Year-Old CEO Steals the Show At TiECON 259

An anonymous reader tells us about a 13-year old Silicon Valley CEO with a plan to change the way kids learn chemistry. Yesterday he stole the show at TiECON 2007, the big entrepreneur conference held in Santa Clara, CA. VentureBeat has the story and a video interview. The company's VP of sales is the CEO's sister. She's 11. They're looking for $100K to ramp up production and distribution.

Submission + - Don't you just hate search engines?

craperlogy writes: "ever went online to search for infomation? ever face the situation where you sit infront of your computer for hours clicking on endless links and all you get in the end is only the minimal infomation? i for one always experience this type of things, as such, i have found this blog this blog is specially created to answer questions of all types, be it science, math, history or everyday things around you. ask why is the sky blue, ask why does your boss hate you and you can also ask how can you get a promotion fast. all this questions will be answer and the answer will be all that you will be needing. the adminstrators of the blog really analyze your questions and seek the different solutions and understand why there is such a questions so that they can best answer your questions. so why not give it try, go to the blog and ask your questions!!!!! i can guarantee tha tthis blog is definately better than search engines and"

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