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Comment Re: It uses the Handoff framework (Score 1) 202

It doesn't "automatically sync" it. Like many other things involving Handoff, it sets a promise. It tells devices in close proximity that there is data available.

Said data isn't actually transferred until used. This significantly reduces the amount of bandwidth (and thus power) involved when no other device actually cares about the Handoff data being advertised.

Comment Re: It uses the Handoff framework (Score 2) 202

Again, why aren't you using Family Sharing? There's zero reason to be sharing your iCloud account. Especially since it gives everyone access to to things like email.

It also seems you need to read up on Handoff. The range of Handoff is about 10 meters (33 feet). All devices must be in this range for Handoff to work.

Handoff (which was added in iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10) also shares which webpage you are viewing and which apps you are using to devices logged in with the same Apple ID and in that range. So you have no legitimate reason to suddenly complain about the Universal Clipboard all of a sudden.

If you don't like the security of Handoff due to ignorance, then disable Handoff on your devices. Hell, if one specific shared device must be logged in with the same Apple ID (because you don't know better), then disable Handoff solely on that device.

Comment Re: Cert signed by central private authority = cr (Score 5, Informative) 61

The Transmission app uses the Sparkle Software Update mechanism. Sparkle uses certificate pinning to prevent exactly this type of attack. The auto-updater will not permit an application to be updated if the update is signed by a different entity.

So this malware only affected people that manually downloaded the app from the Transmission website.

Comment Re: this kind of thing is usually a DDoS (Score 4, Interesting) 91

While Apple isn't obligated to state while something was does, there are reasons other than a DDoS that seem more likely.

One is that various Apple services use both Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for file storage. Given that not every Apple service was down for everyone, it's possible the Amazon outage was related to the Apple outage.

Secondly, numerous other services on the internets were down, including numerous .gov websites belonging to states (,, it's possible a regional Internet backbone was having issues.

Although the most likely reason remains Apple that was working on some backend changes for new features and/or services they'll be announcing at WWDC and something went wrong.

Comment Re: Hmm.... (Score 4, Interesting) 81

A clean install may not work. There is a hook in Windows 8 and later that allows OEM firmware to supply a list of software to install after a clean install.

The feature was originally designed so Windows could automatically install necessary OEM-specific drivers without requiring a custom installer be used. Sadly, OEMs have used it to install vulnerable crapware.

You just can't win against crapware.

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