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Comment Re:I'm dying of curiousity (Score 1) 188

As someone said the technical FAQ is light on details, however they also link to this article from 2007 which is how far back Hellwig's complaints about GPL violation go.

Based on that, it wasn't a case of whether VMware had included Linux code in their binaries, so much as they were distributing binaries which depended wholly on Linux to run but not GPLing them.

Comment Re:Hang on (Score 2) 445

But they are different kinds of conversation.

Here's something that happens to me a lot. I get an IM asking me a question, in order to answer it I need a bit more information so I ask a question. I wait. Just at the point where I think there's no reply coming and I can re-focus on whatever I was doing before I get an answer. I reply, adding a further request for information. Repeat a couple of times until I finally say "Send me an email".

If that was a phone conversation the person would generally answer immediately or at least I would know what was happening. Silence on IM might mean they're thinking about my question, or it might mean they've been distracted by an email.

The problem with IM for me is that it's somewhere between email and phone in terms of being "live". It can come across as passive agressive because it demands attention right now but the person at the other end can more easily split their attention across other things. A phonecall would require both my and the other person's attention equally. An email requires my attention but I can prioritise when I reply.

Comment Re:What if they are right? (Score 1) 529

Nope its all written in this mess of VB 1-6 by some guy named Chuck who thought comments were for pussies and when in doubt GOTO it, thus proving we actually live in the evil mirror verse. haven't you noticed all the goatees man? Its a dead giveaway.../strokes goatee while having an evil smirk/

I think you mean Goatses.

And he was STROKING them?!

Comment Re:great i live in germany :) (Score 1) 331

The knowledge is shared. The only reason Samsung know that a device nobody other than a handful of journalists have held in their hands outside Apple is because it's impossible to implement standards without doing so. Those standards state that Samsung have to offer a licence under RAND principles to Apple, however, and they haven't done so.

Samsung have just pulled their pants down before challenging Apple to a "kicking each other in the balls" contest; not very wise.

Comment Re:Spouse acceptance factor (Score 1) 96

Kids these days. We played 4-player Asteroids on an Atari 400 and a 15" telly, and WE LIKED IT.

Fair enough on the PC to TV thing, I suppose. If others find it difficult, they find it difficult. Possibly because I'm a sad git, I've never bought a HDTV that couldn't take the VGA output from my Dreamcast, if nothing else. But it's still easier than getting good performance out of an emulator, which is what the grandparent was discussing.

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