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Survey Finds Few Intend to Upgrade to Vista 429

thefickler writes "A recent Harris Poll has found that while most online computers users are aware of Microsoft's Windows Vista, few are intending to switch over to the new operating system anytime soon. The Harris Poll of 2223 US online adults in early March found that 87% were aware of Vista. Unfortunately for Microsoft, only 12% of Vista-aware respondents were intending to upgrade to Vista in the next 12 months."

Submission + - Does GNOME interface need overhaul?

mutebargee writes: Although GNOME seems to be incrementally improved, Jono Bacon writes: "For a while I had been mulling over different concepts and ideas about how GNOME should work, and trying to distill them into core interactions for a desktop". "The problem with current desktops is that they are largely artificial. We have created modes of interaction that the user has to learn to understand the computer, instead of the computer trying to understand the user.""The next-gen GNOME needs to change this. It really, really does. What I want to see is an organic environment; one that is designed around human interactions, tasks and concepts that we find natural, intuitive and repeatable."

Is necessary for GNOME to re-invent the term desktop? Will KDE 4.0 give to GNOME a hard time?
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - To Buy, Or Create Computers?

Scienceboy writes: Something I've noticed is that alot of nerds and /.-ers usually tear apart the computers that they buy, and change them to their own specifications, whether it be hardware or software. My question is this: For the person who usually does this sort of stuff, is it worth it anymore to buy computers from a retail provider, only to change it so much that there are barley any original parts? Or is it better just to buy the parts that you know you are going to use and build it yourself?

Submission + - Serenity squeezes out Star Wars

DogBotherer writes: The BBC is reporting that the 2005 film Serenity, follow up to the series Firefly, has been voted the number one Sci Fi film of all time, in a poll of 3000 SFX magazine voters, ahead of Star Wars. The actual article is here

Submission + - Firefly Has More Vocal Fanboys Than Star Wars

Coryoth writes: "While such unscientific polls should be taken with a grain of salt, the BBC is reporting that in a surprise result Serenity finished first, ahead of Star Wars for the title of best sci-fi movie in an SFX magazine poll. If nothing else it does show that at the moment Firefly fans are more ardent and more vocal in their support for their favourite Science Fiction universe."
PC Games (Games)

The Imagined Future of PC Games 134

PC Gamer has up a five-part series prognosticating the future of PC gaming. (part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5) Graham Smith, Kieron Gillen, and a few other PC games folks make some big-picture predictions about where console gaming's aging sibling is headed. Some of their predictions are fairly safe ("6. The mouse won't die, and graphics cards will get more powerful."), but others may be a bit contentious: "4. Steam and similar services will crush PC piracy. There's been a lot of talk from developers - old rivals id and Epic chief among them - about piracy making it harder for them to justify developing PC-only games. There's so little profit in it, apparently, that the poor fellows are left with no choice but to stray from their beloved home-platform and develop for consoles too. And yet the only games out there with a zero percent piracy ratio are all PC-only: MMOGs. They have a headstart in the anti-piracy crusade: connecting to a central server is an integral part of the game, so verifying that the user's CD key is unique can be done without much fuss. And no one's going to complain that a MMOG requires an internet connection; that's pretty obvious from the concept itself."

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