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Submission + - Why is Hollywood spoiling its own movies? (

johnpilgersmith writes: From the article:
"[Trailers] give away the tent poles of the plot in a two-minute spoiler and frequently show you an inordinate amount of the movie's ending (this being because so many films pour half of their budget into the ending). In wanting to assure me that all the things I like are in the movie, they show them ALL to me; and, I think, half-hope that I will assume that what they're showing me is just 'the tip of the iceberg' in terms of spectacle.

"But any cinema-goer over the age of fifteen knows that if Hollywood pays for an iceberg, the whole iceberg will be in the trailer. Therefore just enjoy the irony that the greatest proponents of anti-piracy on the planet are giving the movie away for nothing, and go and see the flick for some other reason — if you have one."


Submission + - Bada Bing! Microsoft rolling out new search ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: PC World reports that Microsoft's new search engine, code-named Kumo, has tentatively been rebranded as "Bing" and will be rolled out shortly, backed by a US$80-$100 million ad campaign. The new engine will try to out-do Google with photos and links to related categories returned for popular searches. As the article suggests, perhaps Microsoft is hoping users will talk about "binging" this or that, instead of googling for everything.

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