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Submission + - GNOME Shell Ruins Linux Gaming Performance ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A set of benchmarks across GeForce and Radeon graphics with the open and closed source Linux drivers was done under the different Linux desktops and compositing window managers. The benchmark results show that the open drivers can be quite buggy with the new GNOME Shell and even Compiz, but it shows clearly that the GNOME 3.0 Shell will slow down the system more than GNOME2 w/ Metacity, GNOME 2 w/ Compiz, KDE w/ KWin, and Ubuntu's Unity w/ Compiz.

Submission + - Desura Game Platform adds Linux Dev Blog (

An anonymous reader writes: I'm going to roughly split each blog entry into two sections: the technical apsects (for the sort of people that understand what an 'abstract base class' is), and the non-technical (for those interested in Desura in general, Linux fans around the globe, and gamers alike).

Submission + - Next Linux kernel version to be 3.0 (

MasterPatricko writes: After the discussion about kernel version numbering last week (also discussed here), it's official: the next kernel release will be version 3.0. There are actually no significant changes (Linus hasn't rewritten the kernel in Visual Basic), but it was decided now — almost 20 years since the first release — was as good as any time to change the numbering. In a change from the 2.6 series, the third number will only be used for -stable numbering (so the next release after this one will be 3.1, not 3.0.1). Now we wait to see who gets the honour of first breaking the Linux 3.0 tree! And everyone who wrote scripts specifically checking for the "2.6" string — time to get to work fixing that ...

Comment Re:What's interesting about Android (Score 3, Interesting) 480

My "Flash-Ready" Motorola Milestone is still in 2.1. Last summer they told publicly that they were considering if they publish 2.2 at all, then decided it would come at the end of September.

It still hasn't materialized. The latest information is, that it would come sometime during Q1.

This was the same phone that was sold as Droid in the States, but with added bootloader protection. When users complained, the director of marketing replied that "you should have bought HTC or Nexus One".

Comment Re:The offices (Score 1) 542

Huh? Where I work we sell in the EU, and we do not have any offices or even any employees there.

Well, maybe not in the "legally required to" sense (though I think that in some areas those are mandated as well) but but more in the "if you want your business to succeed" sense.

There are lots of reasons for having headquarters of some sort near your customers. The most important is probably having easy understanding the culture of your customers and/or actually getting or retaining customers. The best example I can come up with on short notice is McDonalds, which for a good reason has headquarters in nearly every European nation in order to set the logistics and handle the cultural integration (see; selling beer in France or selling hamburgers with black rye bread in Finland).

Few years back (2005) I was trying to buy an iPod directly from Apple Europe (located from Ireland), and even that was horrible as the Irish customer service didn't understand my problem (the reference number wasn't correctly formated to be used with Finnish bank transfers* and students don't usually get credit cards even if we have savings and steady income from student benefits). The Finnish FAQ-web page didn't load correctly (links didn't work and some of the images were missing). Apple supposedly had Finnish contact phone numbers but they didn't work either; when I send email afterwards with feedback, they claimed that they "work perfectly from line phones", which few households had even back then. If they had had even one Finnish worker, none of these problems would be an issue. Not to mention better translation for the operating system; you still remove CD's and iPods by clicking button titled "Give Me".

And so on.

*these days it's not issue any more.

Comment The offices (Score 1) 542

Ireland's tax rate may be low in European terms, it is not when compared with locations such as Singapore, India and China.

But the companies are in Ireland because it's part of EU: they HAVE to have headquarters on the EU-area to do business there. There already is Apple Singapore, Apple India and Apple China (and probably rather same percentage of the rest of the companies listed), and they very well can't move their European operations there. If the taxes rise, the only thing Ireland has going for it is a large population of native English-speakers (and already having all the infra built on Ireland).

The rest of the states have tax of average of 26% and none under 20%; Ireland has 12% and if I understand correctly, USA has anywhere between 15% - 35%. The companies currently have extremely good deal, and even if the taxes would rise, the deal would still be very good.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 288

Few years back, when cutting pirates from the 'net became legal in Finland, one of the first cuts were against the autonomical government of Åland. The newspapers questioned widely if the next target would be hospitals. And that was the last I've heard of THAT business in Finland.

We can hope something similar happens at Eire.

Comment Re:I remember.... (Score 1) 307

Also it was extremely difficult to multitask. If you were running both Word and Excel for example, you had to first minimize the Word window, then locate the icon representing Excel, followed by clicking it. Then if you wanted to switch back, minimize Excel, find the Word icon, and click it. Royal pain in the ass.

Didn't Windows 3.x have Alt+Tab? I distinctly remember using it. Worked like charm, and even today the best way to move between two programs, no matter what OS you prefer to use.

Comment Re:What's the point of this script? (Score 1) 375

Thankyou for clarifying :)

However, there are relatively few programs that spam the news-feeds, and I find that "x became a fan of y"-posts are usually quite useful in later communication with the mentioned person. For this reason I don't see why (1.) the script has been written nor (2.) why Facebook would be interested about script with such a narrow potential user-base, particularly as this doesn't seem to cut into their ad-money.

Comment What's the point of this script? (Score 5, Informative) 375

Facebook has inbuilt "ignore this"-feature. Every post has an X on the top-right corner, click it, and you can choose do you want to ignore application or the user who spams your newsfeed (in case you don't want to lose him/her from your friendlist). I did this months ago, and since then I've forgotten that Mafia Wars even exist.

Comment Re:cash point machine, credit card (Score 1) 494

It's nothing to do with the size of the country, but with population density. I live in Finland, most of the towns are few hundred people in the middle of nowhere, the population density is less than in most of your States, and they still have ATM (usually several). You may recall the earlier "Internet/mobile access in Finland vs. USA" discussions we had some months ago.

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