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Comment Re:The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 2) 290

Not only are our half height cube walls WAY more expensive than stick and drywall ($1200 per wall, 4 per cube 8 cubes in our area) but we have no privacy. The big issue with a lack of privacy is that 3 of us work with instructors and discuss student grades, etc. Which leads to possible FERPA violations - our dept. secretary and work study students have no business hearing me talk about a students grades with an instructor. And, since I am an adjunct instructor as well as a admin/professional employee, I discuss my students grades with them - and NO ONE else in my department has the right to hear any of it.

Did the facilties folk or my boss listen? Nope...

Comment Re: The I in IDE makes them all suck (Score 1) 49

So basically it is a network connection required version of what javadoc does in various editors...

So. What does a network based API do that a local copy doesn't do? Especially if that local copy can be updated and include the docs for your own stuff?

Of course, the fact that Microsoft and Redhat are working together on this is cool too....

Comment Re:Give Out an Official Recording (Score 4, Informative) 552

This day and age? Hell, the Grateful Dead did it for DECADES ... and yet, they always seemed to sell tickets to the next show.

Why, you can even go and download high bitrate MP3s of shows, often recorded directly from the sound board. Here ya go - only 11000 recordings...

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