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Submission + - UK Police by covert cellphone surveillance system ( 1

digitig writes: UK Metropolitan Police have purchased a "covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network, transmitting a signal that allows authorities to shut off phones remotely, intercept communications and gather data about thousands of users in a targeted area."

Other customers apparently include "the US Secret Service, the Ministry of Defence and regimes in the Middle East."

Comment Please give us a legal download service. (Score 4, Insightful) 259

I live in Germany and I admire many BBC productions. The problem is, after many years of the industry 'fighting piracy', they are still missing the obvious.

Yes, I consider myself a "TV show pirate". Why am I pirating? Let's say I want to watch the newest Doctor Who. There are a few ways to watch it:

- legally: Visit UK: Expensive.
- legally: Buy a huge satellite dish and watch/record it. Expensive and complicated, not possible anywhere.
- legally: Wait month for DVD.
- legally: Wait 5 years for any TV station to pick the show up again and show it in Germany with bad synchronization.
- somewhat legally: watch it on BBCs iplayer via Proxy: Complicated to set up, often slow
- probably illegally: download it from Filehoster/Newsgroup: easiest and cheapest, also fast.

So why am I pirating: I'm always picking the fastest, most comfortable and maybe the cheapest way. But I would pay for it, as I would pay for a filehoster or newsgroup provider.

BBC and others: If you want me to stop piracy, please make a platform that
- is available everywhere where I have internet access
- that provides TV shows or movies to an affordable price, with original audio
- that provides TV shows in decent quality (720p), unencrypted
- that provides TV shows immediately after being screened.

I will be your customer.

Comment Bitcoin is an accounting system, what comes next? (Score 1) 768

As I see it, Bitcoin is a cryptographic peer-to--peer accounting system, with a virtual currency 'attached' to it. For me it looks like it's an experimentation platform for the accounting system itself, as well as for free markets. From my point of view, the Bitcoin other FIAT money exchangers show what happens on 'really' free 24/7 markets.

Currently, just wasting energy for mining accounting data makes not much sense for me (apart from someone else would pay you some kind of FIAT money for the results). The network adapts well to more and more miners added to the network, but basically adding more and more miners just increase the total power consumption, which is not proportional to the amount of security gained.

I believe Bitcoin is not end of the line. What will be the systems in planning building onto or what we learn from Bitcoin?

Comment Hit a Honeypot ? (Score 1, Interesting) 303

If these is actually an excerpt of the actual data, then it looks like test data for me. Look at the passwords. They repeat a lot but grouped with ascending order. For example in the middle of the file there are a lot of "123456" passwords, but nowhere else. As the data seems to be ordered by u_usr this seems to be very unlikely.

Comment Re:US Postal Service (Score 1) 480

USPS... the other way around is actually terrible.

I sometimes ship from Germany to US by DHL. They deliver it to USPS. The packages are transported within 2-3 days to the US. After that happens, the tracking won't update it's status anymore and nobody knows where the package is. It usually takes them between 7-30 days to deliver a package.

UPS and Fedex are much faster.

Comment Re:Doesn't work anyway (Score 1) 272

Hm, the 64-bit version works much better and mostly stable for me while the 32-bit + ndiswrapper crashes on firefox every few flash sites.

It's a pity. 32-bit is not an option anymore. On all my workstations I need 4-8 GB memory and a 64 bit system is your obvious choice.

The current options for me is is either to live with having 25+ code execution vulnerabilities, get the crashing 32 bit version or delete it completely. I don't like any of the options.. Thank you Adobe.

Comment Re:One-issue party ? (Score 1) 391

I'm a pirate in Germany and I've heard this here too a lot. With now almost 12k members the number of issues addressed increases quickly now.

I don't think the UK pirate party does have a lot of members yet. That means they probably don't have competence in other areas so they don't serve you something that they can't to right.

If you want to do something, you can join the party and create those issues you want to have addressed.

At least for Germany I can say - I don't trust any other party anymore because they are all buyable. I don't believe that's completely different in the UK.

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