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Comment Protect you against SQL injection? Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 95

I would love to hear the explanation of how a general purpose language would protect you against attacks like that, clearly called out in the article.

You're doing the snowflake thing, blaming everyone else for the coders' incompetence and unsuitability for the job. Some dweeb wrote a tutorial and because it's not ready to be cut and pasted into production code, that's the tutorial writer's fault.

NB: Not everyone can code.

Comment Re: hmmm, yes (Score 5, Insightful) 218

What are you afraid of? That he'll install something which listens to every word you say? That it'll record every mouse click? That it will uninstall your applications? That it'll change your defaults in preference to it's own?

Uh...I kinda forgot if I was talking about zeffy or MS.

Comment Good for him (Score 0) 249

On one hand, I celebrate this activity. The more light you shed on government behavior, the better as far as I'm concern ( I think Snowden is a hero, for reference ). Trump and his administration need to be kept in check, to say nothing of the criminals in congress.

On the other...where the fuck was he during Obama's term? He's a hypocrite who only cares about this now that "His Guy" isn't in office, which means as soon as Trump's term ends, he'll go back to thinking the government can do no wrong.


The Kodi Development Team Wants To Be Legitimate and Bring DRM To the Platform. ( 156

New submitter pecosdave writes: The XBMC/ Kodi development team has taken a lot of heat over the years, mostly due to third-party developers introducing piracy plugins to the platform. In many cases, cheap Android computers are often sold with these plugins pre-installed with the Kodi or XBMC name attached to them -- something that caused Amazon to ban sales of such devices. The Kodi team is not happy about this, and has taken the fight to the sellers. The Kodi team is now trying to work with rights holders to introduce DRM and legitimate plugins to the platform. Is this the first step towards creating a true one-stop do it yourself Linux entertainment system?

Comment Re:The takeaway (Score 4, Insightful) 356

Speaking of reading skills:

A gap in the other direction begins to appear in candidates with six or more years of experience, however, with white women in tech both asking for less than their white male counterparts and receiving it. Indeed, over time and across the country, white women in tech earn an average of .90 cents for every dollar made by their male peers for the same work.

The trick is you have to read more than the summary.

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