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Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 2) 278

Plants consume CO2 and H2O so of course you'll have more plants. Fuck this "citation needed" Wonkypedia shit. I

I asked for citations because I'm skeptical of your ideas. If you don't want people to accept your ideas, why post them?

You obviously didn't read your citation, which contradicts your assertion.

I'm still to hear one big negative factor of increased CO2 levels and global warming.

Explain how your ignorance is our problem.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 278

So you are going to have the rich countries give up all patents for the fight against global warming and helping the developing countries industrialize? Didn't think so.

Sounds like you dion't even know what 'industrialise' means. Hint: nobody needs to reinvent the car just to build cars.

They would love to be able to do it independently.

No, they wouldn't. If they are thinking about industrialising at all, they intend to do it the same way that everybody else did.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 278

Because it's patent BS.

Continental drift is BS? Sounds plausible, particularly given the citations you provided.

Increased CO2 levels usually lead to a growth in vegetation... the opposite of desertification


Is there a cite you can provide that demonstrates that global warming will not lead to increased desertification in arid and semi-arid regions, becuase arid/semi-arid vegetation is limited by CO2 availability (rather than H2O)?

But sure, please continue to believe the idiocy of the global warmist scare mongering

You've made the assumption that I believe the scare mongering that says the current warming trend is due to natural variation. Please provide a citation.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 278

Wait: The other guy just told me that there was no warming trend.

And another guy told me it was due to natural variation, without actually mentioning what had varied, which I thought was weird.

Now *you* tell me that it's warming, but warming will be good for us.

Which of you is telling the truth?

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 5, Insightful) 278

Because apparently last year was the 'hottest year on record', even though it was a very mild summer in the U.K.

Aaaaand what percentage of the earths surface is covered by the UK?

And nothing like the drought of 1976.

Was there a worldwide drought in 1976?

And 'since records began' means 'in the past 150 years', and the planet has existed for millions of years.

Aaaand for how many of those millions of years have we been pumping CO2 into the atmosphere and disabling carbon sinks?

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 266

I cannot imagine why you think 4 billion years of climate history is relevant when humans, or anything that we would call human, has only existed for about 4 million years, and human civilization is no more than 10,000 years old.

Your mistake is to assume that thinking is part of the process. I imagine the process is more like

1. See another article on climate change

2. Panic!

3. Reach into bag of (now half rancid and definitely stale) denialist snacks and jam that indigestible mass into mouth to distract yourself

4. Aim mouth at article and spew half digested nonsense in the general direction

5. Run off

6. ??

7. Profit!

Comment Re:Chicken Littles forget the El Nino (as usual) (Score 4, Insightful) 266

Wouldn't the fact that they specifically mentioned the EL Nino be evidence that the remembered the El Nino, rather than an indication that they forgot about it?

If the recent warming trend is due to the El Nino:

1. Why is 2016 hotter than every other year in which there was an El Nino?

2. Why was the trough of the last La Nina hotter than every La Nina that came before it: and indeed, so hot that that trough was level with the El Nino that happened 10 years prior?

3. Why do you accept the concept of an El Nino at all? Surely if the concept of atmospheric composition impacting climate must be reject for [error! no reason supplied], then El Nino (ocean temperature driving climate) ought to be rejected as well? Explain the logic behind that.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 495

Why would he?

Because it wasn't a free and fair election.

All of the vote stuffing was for Hillary.

Irrelevant: and unproven. The OP said: They can't even handle the results of a democratic election. But it turns out, the Trump propaganda is confused here. If your link is true, then it wasn't a free and fair election. This means the OP is wrong, and every american should be on the streets protesting their liberty. You have a responsibility to protect the liberties of ALL Americans, without regard to how they vote. Why are you still in front of your computer? Do you not believe your own propaganda?

Did Bush get asked to step down while Gore fought his loss?

And the end result was Bush became president. Need I go on?

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