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Comment Re:The science is settled... (Score 1) 667

Yet we can't read a single article about climate change on Slashdot without a bunch of mouth breathers claiming that it is not true, or controversial for some reason or other.

Is it controversial or not? If it is, then we need to pour buckets of money into resolving the controversy via more science. If it is not, then it makes not sense for Trump to be committing wad's of tax payer money into trying to restart coal as a viable energy source.

Comment Re:What Hollande says (Score 1) 328

Complaints from environmentalists have hardly never stopped us in the past - why would it now?

No, the problem for nuclear is that coal is a giant jobs program (at least it was in the past, that is changing now), and elected officials get plenty of money form the coal industry - they suckle on that teat like they haven't eaten for eons. By way of example Trump is coal man, the chance of him walking away from that trough to embrace nuclear are about zero.

Comment Breitbart (Score -1, Troll) 212

Steve Bannon, head and founder of is "coincidentally" Trumps chief strategist both in Trumps administration and for his campaign.

So the references to were by people who thought they were going to a news site but were actually just getting Trump propaganda.

Comment Re:Trump's Failure (Score 1) 430

Yes, that's a fair point.

However, it could easily end up exactly as per the GW Bush years, when Cheney ran the show and Bush spent most of his time on holiday. Trump doesn't seem have much of an idea about what he wants and no idea about how to execute it. He can't lead any trade negotiations because nobody will trust him to keep his side of any bargain, even if he wanted to.

This puts the power entirely in the hands of the establishment that he regularly disparaged or the campaign trail - much more so than Obama, who could hardly be said to be establishment, and was at least smart enough, and hardworking enough and had enough influence to get his way sometimes against their wishes.

Comment Re:Trump's Failure (Score 1) 430

See, here's your problem

Your evasiveness is not a problem for me. Don't let it worry you.

Did he lie? Yes

See? It wasn't that hard after all was it.

Yes, for a very narrow view of specifically cherry-picked quotes, read completely literally, with no acknowledgement or comprehension of the context and nuance surrounding both the statement and the policy proposal, and which admits NO possibility of evolving views, changing opinions, or new facts being entered into evidence.

What things was he telling the truth about?

TPP is already dead in the water. That was very much an "establishment" policy.

And we know that Trump won't replace the TPP with something worse, because he said we wouldn't and he wouldn't lie to us, would he?

Stephen Bannon selected as Trump's strategist is being heralded as one of the most awful, anti-establishment moves in history, and it's only hours old.

You're right about the 'awful' bit, and we certainly know that Bannon won't simply merge seamlessly with the establishment machine, because he is not a liar, with a history of lying. Is he?

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 412

Exactly right.

The big argument for the 2 major parties is the "safe pair of hands" argument. But really, what happens is just entitlement. The same thing happens in my country - or used to happen. Now, hopefully, within a few election cycles, minority government will be the norm.

Democracies ought to be representative. And they ought always be reforming, not fast, but slowly and deliberately.

Comment Re:Trump's Failure (Score 1) 430

You're doing it again - repeating Trump's lies as if they were truth. And then later, you'll say "Politicians lie!" as if it weren't you yourself spreading the lies. Either you believe him (then you're a moron), or you are lying to us.

I'll say it again:

I just find it odd that his supporters built a case to elect him based on his statements and then when he is elected acted as if they knew all along that he was lying.

He said he was anti-establishment: they said to elect on that basis. Turns out he is as establishment as they come.

What reasons remain to have him as president?

What reasons remain to retain Trump as president?

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