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Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 2) 474

You're an idiot.

You voted for Trump. Who is the idiot?

Those quotes are not Trump "being offended" like some silly safe spaces cupcake.

That is exactly what they are.

Those are Trump calling it like he sees it and telling off the lying leftists who have tried their damnedest for decades to destroy this country by turning it into a third world cesspool.

Trump is a sociopath, so "calling it like he sees it" is evoking his delusion, not some sort of reflection of reality.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 474

He made lot's of other speeches as well e.g. you can grab em by the pussy. And they let you do it. I only included the information relevant to the topic at hand.

To expand:

"The election is rigged and I won't accept the result." sounds like whistleblowing.

"The election is rigged, and I won't accept the result unless I win" sounds like blackmail, or HE is the one attempting to rig the election.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 5, Insightful) 474

I think you nailed it on the head right there. The amount of "I'm offended" from millennials is staggering.

I hear plenty of whining and taking personal offence from other generations as well. People taking offence at the notion of Climate Change ('it's a chinese conspiracy'). People taking offence at uppity women ( 'what a nasty woman she is' ) people getting offended when the media holds them to account and calls them on their bullshit.

This self of wounded self entitlement got Trump elected. Was it just millennials who voted for Trump?

They can't even handle the results of a democratic election.

Trump himself said the election was rigged and he wouldn't accept the result. Was he lying?

Comment Re:error bars (Score 1) 435

No, it wasn't.

After (quite validly) pointing out that statistical error may mean that we are underestimating the observed warming, you asked why they might have not included this as error bars.

I suggested that one possible explanation is that they (recognising, as you did, the implication that we may be underestimating the observed warming) did not want to induce panic at that possibility.

Even if true, it does not follow that if a completely different group includes error bars that they want to induce panic. That is what we call a logical fallacy.

Comment Re:This is why most people are skeptical (Score 1) 435

"Keep in mind that these data are subject to large adjustments" []

This page doesn't seem to indicate that the adjustments are large. Can you quantify "large" and "small" adjustments?

Instruments have been upgraded from mercury thermometers to digital sensors. The "scientists" claim that this introduces a cooling bias and adjust temperature upward.

Is there a reason to doubt their conclusions? What is this reason? Explain and demonstrate with observations.

The time of day in which observations are made has changed. The "scientists" claim that this change also introduces a cooling bias, so another upward revision is made.

Is there a reason to doubt their conclusions? What is this reason? Explain and demonstrate with observations.

"Urbanization" (basically heat from pavement) creates a warming bias, etc. etc.

So you are saying that urbanisation does not create heat islanding? Why not? Explain and demonstrate with observations.

There are also certain "quality control" adjustments.

And what is the net effect of these quality control adjustments? Are you saying they are not required? Why not? Explain and demonstrate with observations.

"If you plot the quality controlled data prior to the adjustments, the temperature record is mostly flat."

See figure #5 at the above URL

Figure 5 is not a temperature record. How does it demonstrate that the temperature record is mostly flat.?

What does mostly mean?

What happened to the energy incursion predicted by Arrhenius et al? Did the energy just disappear?

Comment Re:error bars (Score 1) 435

There's huge uncertainty in the amount of warming that is supposed to result from CO2 being added to the atmosphere.

So it could be worse than the current measures suggest?

More importantly, not adding error bars makes it look like you're an undergrad, and don't even deserve the title 'scientist.'

Perhaps they are trying not to induce panic.

Comment Re:This is why most people are skeptical (Score 2) 435

Ever wonder why people are skeptical of claims like this?

Do you ever wonder why we are skeptical of your claims? I'll demonstrate:

Keep in mind that these data are subject to large adjustments instead of basing these claims on anything resembling the raw data.

Where is the proof of this claim?

Sure, it's necessary to perform quality control, but the adjustments go far beyond that.

Where is the proof of this claim?

In fact, if you plot the quality controlled data prior to the adjustments, the temperature record is mostly flat.

Where is the proof of this claim? What does mostly mean? mostly doesn't sound like it has a scientific definition.

However, the adjustments to the data set look like a hockey stick.

So what? Why would we care?

When you need to adjust the data in order to get a signal, you end up making ridiculous claims like vaccines causing autism. Global warming is about as credible, except that scientists have decided it's true. To their credit, organizations like the National Climatic Data Center are transparent about their adjustments, so we can actually determine that the adjustments are the source of the warming signal.

Where is the proof of this claim?

I respect the scientists at NCDC, though I think their research is very flawed. The problem is that, when someone points out these facts, people show up and aggressively attack anyone who raises these problems.

We ask you for proof, and you treat our request like an attack. It's your job to prove your assertions

Comment Re:Grievance politics (Score 1) 511

Uh, yeah, Brain, but how is little Timmy getting to use the girls' room at school going to get our jobs back?

I admit I don't spend a lot of time thinking about children's genitals. Lucky you guys are around to make up for any shortfall.

Funny thing, running on a campaign of identity politics doesn't exactly inform people on how you plan on running the country or solving problems bigger than whether we ever find out which restroom Pat will finally use.

A near perfect summation of Trump's campaign.

Comment Re:Grievance politics (Score 1) 511

Trump actually built a successful business and he has been a TV celebrity for decades.

Almost. Trump inherited a successful business and then tried a few other businesses, some of which failed, some of which made money, some of which involved dealings with crime syndicates that have yet to be fully scrutinised. Something to look forward to. He was (and is) a C-Grade celebrity, which doesn't make him more suited to be president then your average plumber, teacher or policeman would be. Less. Might as well say "he owns a golf course, which qualifies him to be president". No, it doesn't.

Is "just like Trump, except with zero accomplishments"


"just like Trump, she has zero accomplishments"

a good selling point for a candidate for office?

I think "being like Trump" is not a good selling point. What do you think? Does Trump have any redeeming features?

I think Trump is sort-of a jerk, so I don't think it is. What do you think?

I think what most people think. That Trump got votes from people who thought their problems were the fault of some mysterious "other" or "others" and that by throwing a childish tantrum, mommy would fix it. I think he appeals to people who would prefer to retreat to a child like state and bawl rather than get on and fix the things that are wrong.

What do you think?

Comment Re:Grievance politics (Score 0) 511

Will this person have anything to offer anyone other than complaining about whatever the latest grievance obsession is? People used to look for leaders who had accomplished something.

Well, from that description, so far there is nothing to distinguish her from Donald Trump.

And he was elected as your president.

Submission + - Researchers Send Information Using a Single Particle of Light (

An anonymous reader writes: According to research published Thursday in Science, physicists at Princeton University have designed a device that allows a single electron to pass its quantum information to a photon in what could be a big breakthrough for silicon-based quantum computers. The device designed by the Princeton researchers is the result of five years of research and works by trapping an electron and a photon within a device built by HRL laboratories, which is owned by Boeing and General Motors. It is a semi-conductor chip made from layers of silicon and silicon-germanium, materials that are inexpensive and already widely deployed in consumer electronics. Across the top of this wafer of silicon layers were laid a number of nanowires, each smaller than the width of a human hair, which were used to deliver energy to the chip. This energy allowed the researchers to trap an electron in between the silicon layers of the chip in microstructures known as quantum dots. The researchers settled on photons as the medium of exchange between electrons since they are less sensitive to disruption from their environment and could potentially be used to carry quantum information between quantum chips, rather than within the circuits on a single quantum chip. The ability to scale up this device would mean that photons could be used to pass quantum information from electron to electron in order to form the circuits for a quantum computer.

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