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Comment Re:Cherry picking data, you say? (Score 1) 571

I couldn't have said it better, my friend. Every asshole in the world thinks they can report a news story. Most of them are wrong.

And the stunned cunt you're replying to isn't even aware that the problem with mainstream news media is that reporters aren't allowed to do their job. Risk-averse lawyers and bean counters decide what stories will be covered, and their drivers are profit from high ratings and fear of getting hit with a lawsuit by a somebody with deep pockets and a hatred of having their evil exposed.

Comment Re: Legally, this is the breaking point (Score 1) 181

I think I have to agree with "Opportunist" on this. If I was Joe Average Guy who got upgraded to Win10 and didn't know they were collecting data, that's one thing. But my job involves knowing better, and being able to deliver confidentiality when I promise it.

This means I am responsible for what my OS is doing with other people's private information. In my case, due diligence means actually reading the EULA, or having my lawyer do so. If I got hacked somehow that wouldn't be a problem, as long as I'd taken all reasonable steps to ensure the security of my clients' information. Shit happens. But if I installed an operating system famous for sending every scrap of data it can scrape off its host machine to a third party I'd be truly screwed.

Comment Legally, this is the breaking point (Score 2) 181

So when I offer a client confidentiality, it's supposed to be between him/her and me...Oh, and those guys over there at Microsoft. The guys who have already proved they'll roll over for any of the US letter agencies (and probably the government of Communist China among many others), and who have proved in the past to be embarrassingly incapable of "not fucking up".

Not happening.

My business computers will never, ever have Windows 10 on them. And that is one of my selling points.

Comment Re:Military Committee wants more money (Score 1) 331

If what you say is true, the military would be better off choosing a less incendiary excuse for wanting more money. This is especially the case given that so many Republicans deny Global Warming is anything more than some kind of excuse for scientists to get handouts from the gubmint.

They didn't, which speaks volumes about how real and dangerous they know GW actually is.

Comment Think outside the container... (Score 1) 242

I can't help but be a little amused at all the people saying cities could never ban Diesel because there's no acceptable alternative.

There is, of course, just not for long-haul trucking.

There's two ways goods get delivered by truck in a city. One is the big semi comes right into town with its container. The other is that the semi goes to a transit hub somewhere around the periphery of the city and offloads its cargo into smaller trucks.

In either case, the answer is simple: detach the container at a hub and have it taken into the city by an electric or hydrogen truck. Or just off-load the cargo onto a fleet of smaller trucks that meet the city's emission standards.

This is not rocket science.

Comment Send In the Clowns (Score 1) 331

Cue the Global Warming Deniers, Trumpster Divers, Koch-paid commenters and other loons.

Meanwhile, organizations like the US military have to look squarely at the reality of Climate Change and try to protect the country from its consequences...despite the best efforts of the fossil fuel lobbyists and their drooling, willfully ignorant dupes.

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