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Submission + - DHL Goes Live With "Parcelcopter" Drone Delivery Service

jones_supa writes: In December, Amazon announced that it intended to deliver packages to customers using drones. But its initiative was widely ridiculed for being an over-hyped announcement with little to show for it. This summer, Google demonstrated its own drone-based delivery service, using a fixed-wing aircraft to deliver little packages to farmers in the Australian outback. But now, German delivery firm DHL has beaten the tech firms to the post, announcing a regular drone delivery service for the first time, nine months after it launched its "parcelcopter" research project in December 2013. The service will use an quadcopter to deliver small parcels to the German island of Juist, a sandbar island 12km into the North Sea from the German coast, inhabited by 2,000 people. Deliveries will include medication and other urgently needed goods. Flying under 50 meters to avoid entering regulated air traffic corridors, the drone takes a fully automated route, carrying a special air-transport container that is extremely lightweight as well as weatherproof.

Submission + - NSA quantum compute effort disclosed 2

sumoinsanity writes: Schrödinger's cat is "probably" still in the bag as disclosed by the Washington Post. Perhaps it is both disturbing and reassuring as discussed here. The reassuring part is that PKI is still OK when done properly as the NSA desires to break it with Quantum Crypto. The disturbing bit is that it is perhaps just a matter of time before PKI succumbs and our private parts are out there for all to see :-|

Submission + - German science minister stripped of her PhD (

An anonymous reader writes: In a move likely to have major political implications, the University of Düsseldorf has revoked the doctoral degree of Germany’s science and education minister, Annette Schavan. The commitee investigating allegations of plagiarism came to the conclusion that she "systematically and deliberately claimed as her own intellectual achievements which she had in fact not produced herself". Schavan wants to appeal the decision in court and has not resigned from her post so far.

Submission + - 42 European Nobel Laureates, 5 Fields Medalists, 30 000 researcher for research (

An anonymous reader writes: 42 European Nobel Laureates and 5 Fields Medalists recently published in the major European newspapers an open letter to reaffirm the research budget is crucial for achieving economic prosperity and solutions for global challenges.
A petition , coordinated by the initiative for science in Europe (ISE ), was proposed 2010 10 23 and ERC Starting Grant holder and Nobel Laureate Konstantin Novoselov is first to sign: "Europe needs to adapt a forward-looking approach that promotes risky though thoughtful and challenging research. The ERC provides the most adequate support for research in Europe and the scope of its activities should be broadened."
After on day : 33 109 signatures,


Submission + - Pressure Rises on German Science Minister in Plagiarism Scandal (

An anonymous reader writes: Germany's minister for science and education, who is currently under investigation by her alma mater for plagiarising parts of her PhD thesis, is facing new accusations: a total of 92 alleged incidents of plagiarism (German) have been documented by a blogger, who calls "this number of violations inexcusable".

Submission + - Amazon Blocks Arch Linux Handbook from Kindle Store ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: We've all heard the horror stories of Amazon swindling the user out of their content on the Kindle, but this time they've managed to do it preemptively: by blocking the GFDL licensed Arch Linux Handbook from the Kindle Store.

Submission + - German Science Minister Faces Plagiarism Scandal

An anonymous reader writes: Germany's minister for science and education, Annette Schavan, faces allegations that substantial parts of her PhD thesis have been copied (German, Google translation) without proper attribution. According to the Wordpress blog that brought up the accusations, 56 out of 325 pages of her thesis contain instances of plagiarism. Schavan is the same minister who called an earlier instance of plagiarism by the former German defense minister to be "embarassing".

Submission + - The author of SOPA is a copyright violator (

TheNextCorner writes: "Lamar Smith is the author of the SOPA bill, a US congress member and supposedly an expert on copyright. The author of this article checked the website of Smith, and found some interesting facts!

I contacted DJ, to find out if Lamar had asked permission to use the image and he told me that he had no record of Lamar, or anyone from his organization, requesting permission to use it: "I switched my images from traditional copyright protection to be protected under the Creative Commons license a few years ago, which simply states that they can use my images as long as they attribute the image to me and do not use it for commercial purposes."

Submission + - Police raids German Pirate Party's servers ( 4

thetinytoon writes: The servers of the german pirate party have been raided and taken offline by the german police, after the french police asked the german officials for help in a lawcase. According to a police' spokesman, the case is not targeting the Pirate Party itself and that they cannot disclose any further details at this time.

Interesting bit is: If the german Pirate Party itself or a member of the party is not the target of the investigation, why did the police take down a complete democratic party's infrastructure?

Hashtag for followers of the events is already there: #servergate.


Submission + - 'Theoretical' molecule has been made

Smivs writes: "A molecule that until now existed only in theory has finally been made, according to this BBC report. Known as a Rydberg molecule, it is formed through an elusive and extremely weak chemical bond between two atoms. A Rydberg atom is special because it has one electron alone in an outermost orbit — very far, in atomic terms, from its nucleus. Unimaginably cold temperatures are needed to create the molecules, as Vera Bendkowsky from the University of Stuttgart who led the research explained. "The nuclei of the atoms have to be at the correct distance from each other for the electron fields to find each other and interact," she said. "We use an ultracold cloud of rubidium — as you cool it, the atoms in the gas move closer together." The researchers excite an atom to the "Rydberg state" using a laser When one is a Rydberg atom, the two atoms form a Rydberg molecule."

Submission + - Scientists Create first Rydberg Molecule

Hugh Pickens writes: "German-led scientists say they have observed for the first time a rare molecule, the existence of which has until now only been predicted by theory. A Rydberg molecule is formed through an elusive and extremely weak chemical bond between two atoms. A Rydberg atom is special because it has one electron alone in an outermost orbit — very far, in atomic terms, from its nucleus. Back in 1934 Enrico Fermi predicted that if another atom were to "find" that lone, wandering electron, it might interact with it. "But Fermi never imagined that molecules could be formed," explained Chris Greene, the theoretical physicist from the University of Colorado who first predicted that Rydberg molecules could exist. "We recognised, in our work in the 1970s and 80s, the potential for a sort of forcefield between a Rydberg atom and a groundstate [or normal] atom." The scientists said they observed a Rydberg molecule by super-cooling rubidium molecules to a temperature near absolute zero — minus 273 degrees Celsius. At temperatures very close to absolute zero the "critical distance" of about 100 nanometres between the atoms is reached. The fact that the molecules can be made and seen confirms long-held fundamental atomic theories. "This is a very exciting set of experiments," added Helen Fielding, a physical chemist from University College London. "It shows that this approach is feasible, and it will be interesting to see what other fundamental physics we'll be able to test with it.""
Linux Business

Submission + - steve Balmer Egged in Hungary (

An anonymous reader writes: I am not a wordsmith. Someone tried to egg Balmer during a speech and missed. He was upset because in that country they apperently have to pay a hefty Microsoft tax by law. [any summary you do will be better...]
Lord of the Rings

Submission + - The Tolkien Trust sues New Line Cinema (

Bayoudegradeable writes: The NY Times is running a story about the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien getting the very short end of the stick, courtesy of New Line Cinema. From the article, "The estate of ''Lord of the Rings'' creator J.R.R. Tolkien is suing the film studio that released the trilogy based on his books, claiming the company hasn't paid it a penny from the estimated $6 billion the films have grossed worldwide." Maybe they've already squandered the $6 billion on trying to erase the public mind of Snakes on a Plane.

Submission + - Irregularities with Computer Voting in Hesse

An anonymous reader writes: On Sunday's state elections in Hesse, Germany, people in some counties voted with NEDAP voting computers very similar to those banned in the Netherlands in last October, and election observers of the Chaos Computer Club have reported serious irregularities. Apparently some voting computers have spent the night before Sunday at homes of local city officials, polling clerks entered voting booths to help people use the computers, and in one county the election official even denied the observers their right to watch the election. Read the CCC's official press release (German only, automatic translation).

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