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Comment Re:Won't everything need to be recompiled? (Score 1) 85

Future efforts are likely to concentrate on the ppc64le architecture variant, which is little endian. There are still some differences to x86_64 at the C level (chars are unsigned by default, but you can compile with -fsigned-char), but it is reportedly not too difficult to port over C/C++ application code.

Comment Re:What's the point of the NSA knowing everything? (Score 1) 569

The NSA capabilities are still classified (leaks do not change that). Using classified capabilities for law enforcement purposes is difficult, both for operation reasons (you don't want to document publicly what is possible) and legal reasons (parallel construction is required to avoid disclosure).

Comment Ask others with the same condition (Score 1) 100

It is likely that your friend is not alone with her condition. Try to discuss it with others who are affected, and who have already been through the stages that lay ahead of her. People with motor control issues successfully use vertical mice, touch screens, keys for navigation, gaze trackers, voice recognition, non-standard input methods such as the Dasher accessibility tool, or tailored input methods.

Comment Re:I hope there'll be no supersymmetry (Score 1) 89

Other than muon g-2 (which might or might not be there), none of the things you mention actually contradict the standard model because it simply makes no statement about them. It's way too early to send the standard model down the drain because the alternatives either contain more speculative physics than known physics or are conceptually elegant but still wrong (see SU(5)).

Comment Re:so? (Score 4, Interesting) 157

Well, that's similar to raising awareness among burger flippers so that they negotiate better and refuse offers if necessary. If you want to get your first record deal, then you will have to accept pretty much anything. There are thousands of equally eager and talented musicians round the corner who don't ask such nasty questions. Guess who will get signed in the end?
Also, note that the reported sums are averages. This means that a handful of top artists actually get a decent cut, while the huge majority of artists actually gets nothing because they first have to pay back the label for recording costs, marketing, any advances the artists have received, etc.

Comment Re:Mac OS is too susceptible to viruses (Score 1) 592

I think the worse problem when it comes to malware is that on OS X, there's no one-stop solution where you can get all your software from. People therefore usually download their apps from various more or less shady sites. For example, installing VLC is just one apt-get away under GNU/Linux, and it has been built by the same people who built your entire operating system. Under OS X, the standard procedure is to use a binary built by a third party, and the download is unencrypted and therefore easily tampered with.

Comment Content library? (Score 2) 437

Does the U.S. version of Netflix really use a library model, where they strive to keep content available indefinitely? Video streaming services here in Germany continually change the content they are offering, so it's more like a TV with very many channels and random access, and not really a replacement for a collection of your favorite movies and shows.

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