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Comment Re:Yes, let's build a walled garden (Score 0) 55

Yes, you may be right and, in many ways, I hope so. However, even in this case, it's yet another sotfware distribution mechanism (YASDM !), when we have (as you say) apt, rpm etc. and they work pretty well.

The 'app store' part, whilst terribly modern and trendy makes me feel cynical and suspicious though. Also, the (what I call) the pharmacology, how do all these things mix together, or not?

Comment Yes, let's build a walled garden (Score 3, Insightful) 55

To declare interest, I'm a big Raspberry Pi fan and user.

However, I see this as another attempt to build a walled garden (small wall, admittedly) by creating 'snaps'. I'm not sure how these will differ from Debian packages, for example and Debian packaging is arguably more 'universal'. I currently use Ubuntu Mate on Pi3 and it's pretty good. But, unhappily, I'm now going to start watching Canonical for signs that it wishes to be the Microsoft of Linux.

For complex, autonomous applications (as opposed to apps, whatever they are, only joking before someone tells me) easier just to supply a complete image, anyway, like some of the media centre offerings.

Comment Very encouraging result (Score 4, Interesting) 163

I know these things are self-selecting and statistically invalid, but I'm very happy to see the result for 'no instant messaging'.

I'm old, pretty much retired, sweated over a hot computer for about 40 years and hardly ever used it. The one exception is work, where something has to get debugged, step by step and it needs parameter values etc. Then it's quite useful, at that stage, I used whatever the company or organisation used in-house.

As for socially, I sit on the train and tube (subway) in London and watch people using WhatsApp or 'whatever' and think, why don't you talk?. I do sometimes and, of course, since old people are quite mad but safe, people talk to me too. I don't really use a mobile phone, except to solve coordination problems when meeting people, and, with the revelations of the past few weeks, I feel somewhat vindicated.

I'm not anti-tech BTW, my house is full of computers, from Raspberry Pis up to ten year old doorstops.

Comment Re:Best uses? (Score 1) 138

Thanks, just briefly (sorry busy):

1. Pi3 + 16Gb MicroSD + Ubuntu Mate 2. Noise meter: (this isn't super accurate, not expensive either)
3. ADS-B USB Dongle (R820T) incl. Small Indoor Antenna from
4. to read the transponder
5. to read the noise meter

And some ugly glue code that 'joins' the two readings and sticks them in a one-table database. Obviously this is correlation, it will record cars if you point it in the 'wrong' direction. I haven't published the glue code, because it's in a terrible state. Hope that helps.

Comment Re:Best uses? (Score 3, Informative) 138

Here's what I've made:

1. A system to monitor local aircraft noise (Decibel meter + receiver for aircraft transponders + some integration software)
2. My community currency software + mobile phone dongle to make a mini bank-in-a-box with SMS payments
3. OpenCV + the little camera module to make a (flakey) computer vision experiment
4. Used a Pi3 as a slow desktop when my main desktop was hosed (by me, unhappily)

OK, I accept that I am old & sad & totally friendless, but these little things are great fun. Some kind of energy analysis for the house is probably the 'next thing'. Hope that helps with some ideas.

Comment You can own it, only if you can build it. (Score 1) 129

That should be the universal law, like some crazed version of Kant's categorical imperative. It would stop people bumping into me as I go about my daily business too.

On the other hand, I did build a (sort-of) computer in about 1966, but the discrete transistors, solder, printed circuit blanks etc. etc. came from an electronics supply store. So I probably wouldn't be able to make this suggestion using a computer that I bought pre-built.

Comment Re:DuckDuckGo (Score 1) 104

Why is this currently marked as 'troll'? I've been involved with search since the 1980s and old enough to see the web evolve into Facebook, Google and Amazon and I agree that Google is now sometimes near-rubbish. The top Google 'results' are usually stuff to buy, often from Amazon. DuckDuckGo is better and the ethics are better, but we could do with a few more too.

I give an introductory talk on building them at Raspberry Pi meetings, from time to time, it's here: so kids, get off my lawn (I'm 66) go and build some more.

Comment How about those that bump into people? (Score 2) 115

Not joking. I live in London, we've tried a couple of experiments by just stopping, as one does, and morons on mobiles (may I suggest the hashtag #moronsonmobiles) just bump into you. A few apologise, most do not. So, let's get rid of the lot. Nothing that you need to do on your phone is that important, even looking at pictures of cats.

Comment In the Future (Score 1) 148

Only Microsoft will be allowed to attack and spy on you, without being perturbed or sidelined by these annoying competitors.

Sorry, that's juvenile and I should know better, but these little outbursts of virtue signalling from them get my goat. And I haven't even got a goat.

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