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Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 2) 755

They drew those borders with little to no consideration for the indigenous cultural, lingual, and political boundaries.

Eh, no. They drew those borders very deliberately, to keep warring factions at each others' throats in perpetuity. The idea was to ensure that those countries could never prosper on their own but would instead eventually require "help" of Western nations.

Comment Re:the pizza claims are bogus. (Score 2) 414

Why does all food that is made by robot taste like shit? I'm serious. I'm trying to think of some food product that is assembled by robots that doesn't taste horrible and is not horrible for you.

Because once you've eliminated all non-essential employment costs, the only savings left is in the ingredients. Everything else is fixed and mostly non-negiotiable (rent, utilities, maintenance, miscellaneous overhead).

Comment Re:Qt (Score 1) 133

I've been using Qt for this purpose for years.

If only the LLDB bridge in QtCreator wouldn't freeze every time you so much as sneezed, then I'd be very happy.

It's like it's an unattainable goal to make a decent visual debugger that is not Visual Studio.

Comment Re:Hmmm well (Score 1) 2837

I expect the first priority for the Republicans now will be reversing everything done under Obama. Even the thing they agree with, they can't allow a Democrat to claim the success. I expect a health care reform repeal act to pass at some point in 2017.

I actually suspect they will simply adopt it back as their own. It would be a vote destroyer to erase it. If they simply triangulate it back to the original RomneyCare implementation and say it was their idea all along -- rewrite a bit of history -- it'll go well with their base. Costs them nothing, really. And it's not like they haven't done it before.

Remember, both Rs and Ds are beneficiaries of the ACA.

Comment Re:Its useless junk (Score 1) 359

NTFS. Android. NFS3.

NTFS is not open, so not exactly a go for Apple there. I've had varying success with NTFS-3G on Linux to rescue Windows things throughout the years.
I'm not sure what they're not interoperating with with regards to Android, except in areas where the "interop" is based on a closed standard. The same could be said of Android. It's not exactly in either platform providers' best interest to interop much except through mandated phone standards.
I've got two NFSv4 shares mounted from my Linux server onto my MacBook. So.. that works?

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