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Comment Re:Its useless junk (Score 1) 359

NTFS. Android. NFS3.

NTFS is not open, so not exactly a go for Apple there. I've had varying success with NTFS-3G on Linux to rescue Windows things throughout the years.
I'm not sure what they're not interoperating with with regards to Android, except in areas where the "interop" is based on a closed standard. The same could be said of Android. It's not exactly in either platform providers' best interest to interop much except through mandated phone standards.
I've got two NFSv4 shares mounted from my Linux server onto my MacBook. So.. that works?

Comment Re:excellent (Score 2) 226

I was shocked to find how poor the performance of expf() was compared to exp() in glibc. Turns out that in a handful of functions, they are changing the rounding mode of the FPU, which flushes the entire FPU state, obliterating performance. After switching to a different version -- from another library -- that didn't change rounding modes, performance was back on par.

It's perfectly understandable why rounding mode changes are necessary, since the FPU can be in any rounding mode coming in, and some guarantees are required, but they should really provide variations that do not do this. I truly hope the new implementation avoids it altogether, otherwise we're back on square one.

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