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Comment Re:Preference != Principle (Score 1) 537

In my experience, jailbreaking an ios device is a much, much lighter modification than rooting an Android device. It's one click on the computer (plus on tap on the device) to jailbreak, while rooting required an evening of research, the ADK, uploading a recovery bootloader, and all sorts of mucking about.

Comment Re:Creative billing (Score 1) 129

To me, it makes more sense to think of things like a 'three hour job' in terms of an average practitioner. Otherwise, who's to say that there's not another mechanic that can do 4 ball-joints in 45 minutes? Using your logic, the GP would be stretching out an N-minute job (where N is the least number of minutes any mechanic could do the work) into a little over an hour.

Comment Re:But... (Score 2) 745

Looking at polls of the population at large, atheists are among the least trusted groups of people. They are less trusted than Muslims, queers, and dope smokers, but more trusted than pedos, and presumably other 'harder' criminals.

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