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Comment Re:GARBAGE (Score 1) 202

Agreed, if this is after market issues (like cisco had with ios and did the same thing) they could have addressed it in a different issue.

This coupled with the Solaris support changes, not sure what there is in their product line thats worth it.

Cannot wait for a real zfs/dtrace/crossbow/zome alternative elsewhere.

Comment re Rules (Score 1) 2

The rules issues pretty much surrounds the idea that they didn't use a source inside the company, information from a NDA, or similar. A straight hack of the system is perfectly fine. Potentially exploiting a subsystem (a flaw in a database system for example or in SSL itself or what not) might also void the rules.

Comment wow (Score 1) 763

i used to buy my game or two a week, play them and their regret them or finish them before the next week. perhaps i would rent a game and have the same feeling.

since wow was released i cannot really think of any titles i have purchased. a few rentals here and there.

Comment not online (Score 1) 630

i would love to see if people aren't online, if they are detained/violated in some way perhaps if someone else has the same name.

i could see someone registering bogus names of people that are sex-offenders and posting under those names and then filing complaints to screw with these people.

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