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Comment Re:Dang! (Score 1) 94

you should go snipe hunting, they are tasty little birds

Be careful with this advice, people. I tried that, and the nasty little buggers chewed right through my tennis shoes and gave me some nasty scars before I could whack them to death. Those things are evil, depraved spawns of the devil himself. You only hunt them if you're strong, fast, and scared of nothing. And I mean nothing.

But heck, if it weren't for snipes, Iowa would be truly boring. Everyone there has a good story about them, as if it's a rite of passage. Me? I'll stick to my seagulls, thank you.

Comment Re:Happy Birthday IBM (Score 2) 189

I'd disagree, It seems there's a steady stream of articles in IEEE or other magazines about cool research that IBM is doing (e.g. I think the issue is that the current problems driving innovation in companies as big as IBM are much more technical and thus more difficult to explain to a general audience, except as "20% faster" or other forgettable phrases. I suspect there's a lot of cool stuff going on.

Comment Re:Come on! (Score 1) 187

In response to your comment, Microsoft just announced the release of the Microsoft Pony(tm) Acquisition Suite. "Pony(tm) is designed to provide developers with a solution oriented roadmap for their every need and desire, as quickly as possible; this is the fulfillment of their every dream," announced Steve Ballmer. Critics, however, denounce Pony(tm) as a ripoff of Eliza, with the phrase "We will provide that within 6 months." inserted liberally in the responses.

Comment Re:This is a problem. (Score 3, Insightful) 182

I've got a samsung epic with sprint, and really like it. Two things, though:

1. Install Advanced Task Killer app. it periodically kills things like this when they run in the back ground. Usually, they don't restart once they are killed. After first booting the phone up, it usually kills 16-18 or so of these crapware apps. Most don't run again.

2. If you root your phone (your call), you can uninstall all these apps. In fact, there are programs to do that.

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