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Comment Re:The Captain has left the building (Score 2) 633

.... but you have to admit that it's going to take a mighty big course correction to fix their problems.

I knew they were done when /. quit using the Bill "The Borg, resistance is futile" Gates gif for MS news. Now it is the new vanilla "we are re-branding with the same icon because we are still relevant, no really" gif.

However, my main complaint is that Microsoft has not done enough to fix the sluggish performance of Windows on machines that by the standards of ten years ago are practically super computers. ...

There was an article here on Slashdot four or five years ago referencing a blog post by a Microsoft Kernel developer (I looked but couldn't find it in order to provide a link) but the blog post essentially said that the Windows kernel was just not written to take advantage of multi-core / hyper-threading enabled cpu's and that the kernel needed a complete overhaul to fix the problem.

Is this it?: and more recently in May:

I do think "the crew" threw him off the ship realizing that the iceberg is getting closer and closer by the day. I don't buy that he retired.

I know it is not a popular opinion, but I think it is important that Microsoft be a relevant technology company. I am not sure they are right now. They feel like RIM a few years ago. "We are still relevant, look new things!"

Comment Re:The Captain has left the building (Score 2) 633

Looks like the Captain of the Titanic is fleeing the sinking ship, after he turned the ship right into that iceberg.

It is more that the crew threw the Captain off the ship and now have the ability to steer away from that iceberg. We just have to wait and see if they actually do that or not.

Comment Re:I don't want to be "that guy", however (Score 1) 319

So which one would I pick? well, it depends on the project, the platform, and the amount of code I can reuse from open source libraries.

What is wrong with you? You have to choose you insensitive clod, we are on Slashdot! I bet you have both Apple and Windows machines in your house!! Maybe even something that has "Linux" on it. Quick! PS3, XBox, or Wii? ... What do you mean "for which game or what service?" You can't be sensible on Slashdot.

Comment The sky is also blue (Score 1) 433

I am in grad school now. We broach this subject every couple of months. Basic supply and demand. All of the "extra" money is creating more demand. Positive shift in demand leads to an increase in price (

Everyone knows it and we talk about it not being sustainable. So what happens when everyone outside of academia realizes it is not sustainable? People are graduating with tons of debt and everything else. If you "fix" this does it also increase the money supply because suddenly a lot more people have more money in their pocket, which leads to more spending, which leads to higher prices, increases inflation....

No win scenario unless you are the banks.

Comment Re:Palm Pilots could have been as... (Score 1) 188

The tablet form factor is not going anywhere. The demand will probably level off, but there will be a demand for a good while. The form factor is too easy to use and it presents itself to everything that was said above; watch movies/youtube, read books, check email, and just plain surf. The device itself may change. You may get a consumer device that is geared toward more books and/or movies and a prosumer device that is more corporate friendly but still easy as hell to check and respond to email and read corporate documents. My guess is that it will not fork that way but will fork to a 10"-12"color e-ink and a 10"-12" iPad clone. They will get thinner and maybe even flexible. But the size (read form factor) of 10"-12" is just too easy to use in way too many areas for the demand to just go away like traditional non-phone PDAs did.

Comment Re:Livescribe (Score 1) 300

Completely disagree with the CueCat reference. I am going back to school and use it in all of my classes. During the day at work I use it for note-taking at meetings. The real power is syncing the recorded audio with your notes. You can click on a hand written word and can hear what the person said or what he is talking about. It gives really good context when reviewing weeks later. You never have to go back and wonder what a presenter was talking about. You can listen to just a small snippet.

Comment Re:Remain as you are (Score 1) 229

Actually some of the books on "EQ" teach you the skills. I had to read one in grad school where you took a test before you read the book and one after. The idea is that you learn some skills to help identify what others around you are feeling/thinking. (Gushy stuff like that) It really should not be political. While it won't teach you social skills it may help you think about possible scenarios and how to work through those scenarios. If you are talking to a developer who either has no idea what you are talking about or does not care what you think, it is a good thing to be able to recognize it while it is happening. It is another tool to add to the tool belt and should not be dismissed so quickly (IMHO).

Comment Re:Livescribe Pen (Score 1) 425

The only drawback I can see is that you'd want to be sitting closer to the front.. apparently the Livescribe pens can pick up from 50 feet away (15 meters). YMMV?

I sit almost in the back and have it on the auditorium setting. The recordings are perfectly fine for me. I do catch myself saying comments under my breath a bit though. I also can hear about 80%+ of questions from across the room, 100% if they are at all close. My rule of thumb is that if you cannot hear them the pen won't either.

Comment Re:LiveScribe Echo (Score 1) 425

I have used it in class. I am in a class of ~50 working professionals and the recording is still really good. I still use it in every class. As I stated somewhere above, this is my best solution that I have found in about a year and a half. I have a tablet computer but I really only use it to open pdf files (during class). The note taking along with the audio recording coupled with the ability to tap on a word or graph and hear what the professor was saying is really invaluable. It makes studying for tests and writing papers a lot easier.

There are some professors who do not want their class recorded, but not many. Most of the comments I have had are that is a really cool device, can you demo it for me. I have also had professors ask that I delete the audio recordings after the semester is over.

Comment Re:Livescribe pen? (Score 1) 425

I use a Livescribe pen ( )and a tablet for any pdf files. I bought an HP at fire sale prices but many of my classmates have an iPad. As I understand it Evernote on the iPad is good. On the Touchpad it is not usable as an app. The website is usable and actually works quite well, but you have to be connected.

With all of that said, the Livescribe pen is the best for me. It records the lecture (with prof permission), digitizes the notes, and then syncs the notes with the audio. So I can click on a word and hear what the prof said at that exact moment in the lecture. Makes studying for tests a lot easier. You can then view your notes on your tablet for studying or what have you. Drawing graphs can be done easily when writing. Not so easy when typing. I also agree with an earlier post that said typing is just annoying to others. I have also had multiple profs ban laptops in the class as some students would spend too much time on Facebook.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 0) 226

I got it to install on VMWare Player/Workstation. I had to "upgrade" to the new version of VMWare workstation. That was released on 9/15 I think. There was not a new VMWare player to correspond to the new workstation (yet), but workstation installs a version of player as well. So I signed up for the 30 day trial and started up workstation, choose to setup a new virtual as Windows 7 64 bit, and said to wait for the media and not attach an iso (or something close to that). I was then able to use the new player to edit the virtual to attach the Win8 iso and boot and start installing. Everything was seemless after that and it is using the free player (as opposed to the paid workstation).

Hope this helps.

Comment Re:Spidy? (Score 0) 300

I bet he does try and kill someone. Hawkeye? "Major" in terms of comics but not at all mainstream. Captain America could go down for a dirt nap as well. Didn't he actually get killed in a comic? That one may be too obvious for Joss. His whole thing with killing Wash was about showing the audience that everybody is expendable and the movie may not have a happy ending.

They, being Marvel, will let anyone kill anyone. How many times did Jean Grey/Phoenix die? Marvel can bring them back with ease. Or in the case of Hawkeye they may let him stay dead (for a movie or two). The last crappy x-men movie had how many people go down for the dirt nap? Cyclops, Jean Grey (again), and a bunch of worthless side characters.

So in summary for Marvel everyone is expendable, at least until a new writer shows up. (Or the universe gets a complete reboot.)

Comment Re:Spidy? (Score 0) 300

I really liked the first movie it was done well. The last movie was horrible. Beyond everything else the part that pissed me off the most was that Venom did not address themselves as we. Little crap like that just showed that they didn't get it.

...SIGH... You know what, the first movie did suck. It was just a bunch of masked people shaking their heads a la Power Rangers. I was just so hard up for a good comic movie and geeked out that they did do a good job capturing what it felt like swinging through NYC. I think I have a skewed memory as that is one of the best comic movies out there. SIGH... At least it used to be skewed until I actually gave it some thought.

Maybe this Avengers movie will be good? Joss is a great writer and did a good job with the movie Serenity. Even if he killed Wash. .... It is gonna suck .... too many characters not enough time to develop a plot. At least there are not a lot of masks; it may not be like the Power Rangers.

My vote was for Tony Stark.

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