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Comment Re:Micro-management kills this idea every time (Score 2) 294

That's partly what killed our office. Unfortunately, the PHB that did the deed was the owner of the company, and we eventually found him to be a lying ass hat. Tip: don't lie to database analysts, they are used to digging for data and finding inconsistencies.

Comment 40 is an artificial boundary (Score 1) 286

I'm with you. At only 48 I'm in better shape than when I was a kid in the Infantry. And I don't have to sit at the children's table during Thanksgiving anymore!

As the years progressed I slowly started improving my diet and lifestyle to help counter some heart disease and diabetes on my dad's side. I went to the 75th wedding anniversary of my mom's grandparents (triple digits!), and her mom lived to 97. Mom is still kickin' it in her mid 70's!

I sat with my grandmother once while she told me about living through WWI, The Great Depression, moving to Kansas in a covered wagon, rural electrification, WWII, telephones, cars(!) and planes(!), Korean War, Vietnam War, JFK, landing on the moon, computers, medical marvels, and the Internet. My mom told me about hearing stories from her uncles about when they fought in the Civil War. The big thing that I got from their retrospective is this: The most important thing in life is how we treat each other, and how we respond to events. In some ways we've gotten better, but in others worse.

The public perception of our leaders used to be that we were choosing among the best of us, now we feel like we just get the most corrupt with the deepest pockets. Grandma was very disappointed with the administrations of the last 50 years. But she was so proud of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the couple great-great-grandchildren.

I figure, with luck and progressing tech, I'll have a long life in which to play with toys and more grandkids.

Comment I like PirateBox better (Score 3, Interesting) 47

It's open source, anonymous, keeps no records, and acts as an off-line file-sharing system. you can pack it in your lunchbox, or even smaller. You can have it sitting in the bottom of your backpack, and have everyone in the food court up/downloading *ANYTHING* without worrying about getting nailed by "The Man". I don't think that it would be that hard to have it securely wipe it's storage clean at shutdown or startup, so there is no evidence of anything being stored on it, in case of seizure. It's been out for over a year and runs on multiple platforms.

Comment So, you're saying "Python"? (Score 1) 299

I ran into a "hypercard"-like app for the C-64 back in 1986, that involved you building a flowchart of your app, answer some basic questions, and it would generate the Basic code for it. It was pretty spectacular for the day. There are quite a few code generator programs available today, just get one that runs on Python and give it a snazzy GUI. There you go. A nice easy to understand app generator that's cross platform, multiple output languages, open-source, self-extending, etc. etc...

You would spend more time on the design of the GUI, writing the help files, and creating tutorials, than anything else. The user wouldn't even have to know ANY particular language, just the logic they needed.

But that's just my opinion. I just build stuff.

Comment Re:Simulations are limited by imagination (Score 1) 173

"simulation" is also a technical description of "driving game". Let them also put the simulator on-line, to provide environment and background as hundreds of thousands of crazed and insane real humans try to crash into the auto-piloted cars. Each time someone succeeds, buff up their capabilities and give them credit and recognition, and develop response scenarios. That's how you "sim" car combat with real humans - you use real humans. It would be just like the dogfighting flight sims they use to train pilots. AI drivers will probably seldom, if ever, exceed the creativity of their programmer, while real humans can be fscking insane and unpredictable. If an auto-pilot car can avoid getting nailed by a coordinated assault team of five people actively trying to ram it, then I would rate it much better than all of the drivers on the road, save some of the elite counter-ambush drivers.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 7

They would get them back and then punish them and then separate them.

Exactly. If that's what he deserves, then truth will out.

And I have seen an awful lot of people saying that he wasn't worth any particular effort to get back, which is pretty close to "let him rot." That's just mind-boggling to me.

User Journal

Journal Journal: These are the things in my head at night 7

Then-PFC, now-SGT Bergdahl may in fact have deserted his post. There are certainly credible accusations to that effect, and if so, then he should be tried and convicted for the crime. But it's a whole lot easier to investigate those charges with him here, and we don't let the Taliban mete out justice for us.

Comment Re:This is so 1990s (Score 1) 132

"normal people don't care about the OS". So? Why are you even bringing up "norms"? They don't come here, they don't know how to spell "OS", and don't know that a good OS can keep everything working like a fine watch ... or keep crashing your all-important app. You sound like a "norm" that's stumbled in here, and trying to sound "technical".

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