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Comment Re:Larger/Higher Resolution Monitor for me... (Score 1) 1002

In the case of a second monitor, you might have some windows applications that 'know' they go on the right screen. I've never seen a mechanism for Windows to properly recover from windows that want to be too far off the screen for the current resolution. (I'd appreciate any tips if anyone has them.)

Alt-Space, M, then hit an arrow key. For some reason hitting the arrow key attached the mouse pointer to the titlebar of the window, so you can use the mouse to move the window where you want it. Also, while most apps don't require it, hold down Alt while hitting space. Firefox specifically has this issue. Windows apps are supposed to allow users to hit Alt to shift focus to the menu bar, but not all of them work.

Comment Re:huh (Score 3, Interesting) 212

There's instructions on how to tie a necktie. I don't know how to tie a necktie. If I got a job at one of those banks I'd have to go dig up some instructions on-line... Or I could just use the nice document that HR provides during orientation. That'd actually be handy.

I don't know how one would get a job at a place like that without having worn a suit and tie to the interview. If they're telling people how to tie a necktie after the fact, isn't it too late?

Comment Re:Stealing stuff and U.S. parcel delivery (Score 1) 216

I don't ask for stuff to be delivered to my doorstep here in the US, but I can't seem to convince UPS or the post office that such a thing isn't a great idea. Although, I'm usually less worried about it getting stolen then I am about it getting wet, since it inevitably rains whenever a package is due to be delivered.

Comment Information Leak (Score 1) 63

The option of sending a blank Ccc: header to indicate that at least one Cc:'d recipient was actually a Ccc: inherently leaks information and MUST NOT be exercised if there is only one Cc:'d recipient in the rewritten message because in this case the information leak is total and would eliminate the aura of mystery produced by including such a header, as it is then perfectly clear that the Cc: was indeed actually a Ccc:, defeating the purpose of the allowing the header to be optionally included. As with address obfuscation, whether this is appropriate for a given message depends on how much information the sender is willing to have the recipents[SIC] know about which Cc:'d recipients never were actually sent the message.

I don't think this restriction on not including the empty Ccc: header when only one address is moved to the Cc: header entirely makes sense. For example, I might send a message to some friends, Ccc:'ing someone. I may not care if my friends know that I Ccc:'d that person, but I do want to make sure that if they forward the message on, their recipients think the Ccc:'d person was actually Cc:'d. Since there are times this is possible, I think this behavior should be recommended but optional.

Can't we at least expect our April Fools RFCs to be well thought out? Come on!

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 1634

You can stream internet radio ... while running other apps

How? Seriously, I'd like to know... Pandora quitting while I check email or reply to an SMS that just came in is probably my biggest pet peeve about my iPhone.

Comment Re:lol @ 'finally standing up' (Score 2, Insightful) 453

"Severely limited fashion" is a bit of an exaggeration considering I haven't had my XBox360 hooked up to the internet in months, and it works perfectly fine. These people should have known that modding their boxes was going to lead to their being blocked from Live. The same thing happened to people that modded the original XBox.

Comment Re:And.... (Score 1) 404

Actually, I found out about a Smashing Pumpkins concert in my area right due to those targeted ads. I'm not sure I would have found out otherwise, so I was pretty happy about it. The quality of the targeting seems to have gone down of late, though. It seems like all I see any more are ads for Catholic singles, which is weird, because I never told facebook whether or not I'm Catholic.

Comment Re:This just in (Score 1) 512

Come on man, don't take away the only thing we've got going for us. Everyone knows we have to disparage Chicagoland lest they take over completely. (spoken as someone born and raised in the Quad Cities area... no longer living in the area though)

I just hope no one from the University of Illinois signed off on this... Prof. Kaler in the astronomy department was one of my favorite professors while I was at school there.

Comment Re:Waiting.. (Score 2, Insightful) 449

Nope! Go get a BlackBerry Storm. Touch screen device that is improved via mechanism to detect difference between touching a widget and pushing a widget. I used to have one of those other touch screen phones, and navigation was a complete pain in the ass. My new phone with the clicky screen is much better, and it still uses multi-touch for on-screen text selection purposes. Interface improved, patent improved, life goes on.

You know, it's interesting. I have an iPod Touch and find its interface to be vastly superior to the Storm, which I have borrowed a few times from friends and thus had an opportunity to try out. However, I asked someone who was obviously not familiar with touch screens to type in their address on my iPod Touch the other day, and they had a very difficult time working out how to use the thing. They kept trying to push down on the "keys" and were frustrated when it wouldn't click. The idea that they just had to tap was apparently very difficult to comprehend.

On the other hand, to me (having used touch screen technology in general, and the iPod Touch / iPhone interface specifically), the "clicking" that the Storm implements seems forced and hokey. I thought it missed the point of the, "But there are no buttons!" complaint, since one still can't type without looking at the screen (i.e., one can't feel their way around the keyboard). I had not previously considered that it might be a more intuitive interface for someone who had never encountered touch screen technology before.

Comment Re:Roaming? (Score 1) 213

...damnfool landowners who plant big trees too near power lines...

It's not always the landowners' fault. The city in which my folks live planted trees in their right-of-way a few years ago, directly under the lines that connect to Mom and Dad's house. Dad pointed out that they'd be a problem in a few years but was told that it would be at least ten years before it was an issue and anyway the city would fix it. (This by the landscaper putting in the trees.) Of course, five years later the tree is becoming a problem, and Mom and Dad are expected to take care of it. In this case the landscaper just wanted to sell an extra tree, and there wasn't really anything the landowner could do about it at the time.

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