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Submission + - Bing's Results Change as you Page through Them (bing.com)

hofmny writes: "While checking keyword rankings for my site autopartsnetwork.com in Bing, I was paging through the results when I noticed something peculiar:

The text that tells you what records you are viewing, such as "51-60 of 5,300" when I was on page 6, magically changes to "61-70 of 175" as soon as I clicked to page 7. Bing is apparently doing this for lots of other keywords as well.

I know Microsoft is behind Google in search technology, but are they really having difficulty iterating over a result set? Are they lying about how many results they really have until you page through them? See for yourself by comparing this page to this page in this reproducible problem."


Submission + - MVC Javascript Framework For AJAX Apps

hofmny writes: I recently embraced the MVC paradigm while building a new system for a job I am doing, and it has revolutionized my ideas on system design. Everything is modular, making it easy for multiple programmers to work on different sections and share code while significantly reducing development time. I chose to use Zend Framework, because I found it the most supported and versatile, while not forcing you to use any of the Zend packages if you don't want to. However, I am doing heavy AJAX coding and my JavaScript is not revolutionized like my back end code is. It consists of two or three JS files containing a bunch of functions, and while they are well named, I fear it is going to start growing unmaintainable soon. I am using JQuery as a Toolkit, but I would like to know if there is some sort of MVC framework I can use for JavaScript to match my MVC back end to have the same wonderful qualities that MVC gives. I would really like it to work hand in hand logically with the controller and views in the back end. I found only one real MVC JS framework, JavaScriptMVC, but it is beta and the docs are under construction. What do other people do to organize their JavaScript code (when using an existing toolkit, like script.aculo.us or JQuery) to make their AJAX applications as extensible and organized as their back end code?

Submission + - The Future of TSCC (terminatorchronicles.com)

hofmny writes: "As previously talked about on Slashdot regarding the demise of Fox's SciFi shows here... There yet may be some hope for a new season of TSCC.
After reports from Entertainment Weekly and FMQ suggested that the Sarah Conner Chronicles is officially canceled...

...We were offered a tour of the studio and was asked is there anything in particular we would like to see. Of course I didn't pass up this opportunity and said "Yeah, I would like to see the TSCC set". He looked at me kind of funny and I almost fell over when he smiled and said "It's all gone sweety, they tore it down a couple weeks ago"...I asked "What do you mean, gone, as in Hasta-la-vista gone?" he replied in a very bad Arnold impression "they'll not be back"

It appears some of the show's writers have come out to speak on the rumors. Ashley Edward Miller, a writer on the show, rebuffed Ausiello of EW by saying "Time for Ausiello's semi-annual SCC termination report. False again. (Remember "sets were destroyed" report? Now you know context, people)." [perhaps referring to the ending of the second season]. And Josh Freedman, the show's head writer, had to say "The third season is going to be incredible, if it happens. There were no intentions of this being a series finale. It was absolutely a season finale.. There's a plan where this can go and it's so good....". Whether the show is to be canceled or not, along with any others Fox decides to get rid of, remains to be seen. The official word will be given on May 18 when Fox announces their Fall 2009 line up. More information can be read here"


Submission + - Aerosols Responsible for Global Artic Warming (nasa.gov)

hofmny writes: "NASA is reporting that Green House gases may not be the primary culprit warming the Arctic areas of Earth, but rather, Aerosols. The most significant melting is now proposed to come from these short lived particles rather than carbon based emissions.

"The regions of Earth that showed the strongest responses to aerosols in the model are the same regions that have witnessed the greatest real-world temperature increases since 1976. The Arctic region has seen its surface air temperatures increase by 1.5 C (2.7 F) since the mid-1970s. In the Antarctic, where aerosols play less of a role, the surface air temperature has increased about 0.35 C (0.6 F).

"We will have very little leverage over climate in the next couple of decades if we're just looking at carbon dioxide," Shindell said. "If we want to try to stop the Arctic summer sea ice from melting completely over the next few decades, we're much better off looking at aerosols and ozone.""

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