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Submission + - TV's Future doesn't include broadcasting.. 1

hhawk writes: I've written about the future of TV since the early 1990's. I was inspired by Google's Chromecast, which I feel will help accelerate the demise of Broadcast TV. Models like YouTube, which provide free distribution and monetization is the classic "free" TV business model adapted for IP transport. I blog how at $35 the Chromecast makes model viable for 10's of millions of TV screens.
The Courts

Submission + - Simpson's depiction is "childporn"

An anonymous reader writes: The Age reports on Australian judges reaching new levels of absurdity:

"In a landmark finding, Justice Michael Adams today upheld a decision convicting a man of possessing child pornography after the cartoons, depicting characters modelled on Bart, Lisa and Maggie engaging in sex acts, were found on his computer.

The main issue of the case was whether a fictional cartoon character could "depict" a "person" under law."

Submission + - Australian Charged for Uploading Video of Baby

An anonymous reader writes: A man in Australia has been charged with "with using the internet to access and publish child-abuse material". His alleged crime was to upload a video that has been widely distributed on the Internet, of a baby being swung around by the arms, to a news site. He had no involvement in the creation of the video, merely distributing what had already been covered and posted by major news sites. There is widespread debate as to whether the video is even real.

Is this what is in store for Australians if the government manages to get its proposed Internet filters in place?

Submission + - Sex conviction for dirty Lisa Simpson (news.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: In the Australian state of New South Wales, the Supreme Court has declined the appeal of a man charged with possession of child pornography. But it wasn't for possession of a Scorpion album.

This man had cartoon depictions of Simpsons characters including Bart, Lisa and Maggie involved in sexual acts. While you may think this type of image is just a crude joke, apparently in NSW it is child pornography. For those who don't know (apparently the Supreme Court did know this) Bart, Lisa and Maggie are not actually real beings. It seems that it's not only Helen Lovejoy who is thinking of the children.

For a country that prides itself on being down-to-earth, Australia has become a state of the Christian-right.

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