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Submission + - Is Apple 18k Gold, really 18k?

hhawk writes: If it isn't traditional Gold Alloy is Apple's 18k gold watch really 18k? Are they starting 99.999 gold and making it 18k or are they using traditionally 18k gold and "diluting" it with ceramic particles?

Submission + - Turing tests passed.. (

hhawk writes: The UK newspaper, The Independent, reports that a chat bot passed "the" Turing test by fooling people it was a 13 yo boy. A (slow) link to the bot is here. The article notes Turing himself said, "a computer could be understood to be thinking if it passed the test, which requires that a computer dupes 30 per cent of human interrogators in five-minute text conversations." The Independent article can be found here

When a bot can pass as Christopher Hitchens I'd be even more impressed.

Submission + - TV's Future doesn't include broadcasting.. 1

hhawk writes: I've written about the future of TV since the early 1990's. I was inspired by Google's Chromecast, which I feel will help accelerate the demise of Broadcast TV. Models like YouTube, which provide free distribution and monetization is the classic "free" TV business model adapted for IP transport. I blog how at $35 the Chromecast makes model viable for 10's of millions of TV screens.

Submission + - Dynamic Ads Tech on TV

hhawk writes: Dynamically placed ads on web pages with or without real time bidding has become the mainstay of online advertising. Dynamic web ads is only a side show; the main event will be when TV ads are dynamically placed "Inserted."

The WSJ reports that this technology is coming to Video on Demand (VOD). Their are tons of tech issues here. Network and CPU lags acceptable on the Internet generally are not acceptable in the world of broadcast TV.

Submission + - Hockey Playing Commodore 64? ( 1

hhawk writes: "NHL Red Wing Mike Commodore is seriously considering wearing #64 this season. Please send him some Geek Love @commie22 if you like the idea. There is also a group raising money to donate to charity if he does so.

I am currently consulting for Commodore USA but this wasn't our idea but we are certainly supportive of the ground swell."

Submission + - Broader Broadband (

hhawk writes: Hey Buddy, can you spare 100 Mpbs hook up?

The US is lagging behind other countries in making high speed networking available to residential customers. You might think that market forces would be enough but the FCC has weighted in...

"Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communication Commission, has outlined his vision for broadband in America: 100 Mbps connections to 100 million homes. As part of an update on the National Broadband Plan due to Congress in mid-March, Genachowski sketched out a plan that would keep the U.S. competitive with other nations and enable 90 percent of the population to have and use broadband, up from about 65 percent today..."

Submission + - Method Testing Global Navigation Satellite Systems (

hhawk writes: How do you know "which navigation system performs best” in a realistic testing scenario?"

Testing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) e.g, the Sat Nav GPS system in your car isn't so easy since you have to both test the system and it's ability to handle real time traffic. When you are done testing several systems you need to compare them...

"This article addresses how best to quantify “which navigation system performs best” in a realistic testing scenario. The methodology focuses on land vehicles navigating in urban environments, but applies equally well to pedestrian navigation and can be adapted for testing assisted-GNSS implementations. During a drive test, the truth-reference system and RF recording system log samples to disk, with no need for the receivers under test to be included during the actual drive."

Submission + - ISO API will help facilitate the interoperability (

hhawk writes: ISO 17267:2009 API will help facilitate the interoperability between navigation systems and map databases...

Why get stuck with built in route found in most automotive GPS systems. It would be nice is to work out a route on the web or on your web phone and then transfer that to your car GPS system. If you are planning to go cross country or just cross county why can't you go to Google Maps or MapQuest and figure a complex route. Then use Bluetooth or thumb drive move it over to your car GPS...

There is now an ISO standard that might help some day...

ISO 17267:2009, "Intelligent transport systems – Navigation systems – Application programming interface (API) will help facilitate the interoperability between navigation systems and map databases by providing an interface that will make information accessible and retrievable as well as assist developers of navigation systems."

Imagine being able to pick in advance the roads you want to use and avoid, finding the best path to all your roadside attractions and then having the power of a Sat/NAV GPS to route around bad traffic, etc. should the need arise.

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