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Journal Journal: Wikipedia's former COO is convicted felon

The Washington Post is reporting that Wikipedia's former Chief Operating Officer Carolyn Bothwell Doran has an extensive criminal record which was elaborated upon by The Register that states her record includes convictions for passing bad checks, theft, petty larceny, additional DUIs, and unlawfully wounding her boyfriend with a gun shot to the chest. Wikimedia said it had no indication that Doran did anything improper with its money. However, the foundation's most recent audit is incomplete, though it had hoped to complete it months ago.
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Journal Journal: Ah, fuck Slashdot

If one treats someone as a troll then a troll they will forever be.

It's a vicious cycle where the situation is exasperated tenfold when someone attempts to contribute to a system in a productive fashion rather than tear it down and show that the emperor has no clothes.

Let me moderate and let me do your new faggoty tags.

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Journal Journal: WAAAAAAH

2006-09-14 03:00:13 samzenpus is a fucking tool (Hardware,Republicans) (pending)

samzenpus gagged on Zonk's flabby cock, "You taste nothing like CowboyNeal!!! Welp let's post Roland Piquepaille and BeatlesBeatles!!! ROFLMAO!!!!"

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Journal Journal: In other news

heptapod (243146) always looks like it's the designation of an asteroid.

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Journal Journal: Firefox, Service Pack Four and posting with karma bonuses

Hi, fags.

Firefox and MS's Service Pack 4 do not play nice. Since I work for a living, getting everything fixed took forever but I didn't have to ask questions of anyone like a dumb girl. Only needed to borrow someone's broadband access.

Also posting with karma bonus is fucking pathetic. The only real use for posting with a karma bonus is to troll Slashdot.

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Journal Journal: Smearing Shit on the Web

Maybe this will get posted, maybe it won't but it was worth a shot. I thought it was an amusing site.

With the rise of everyone's OSS browser Firefox there's a rising backlash. Promoting the browser that everyone loves to hate is the website Spreading Internet Explorer promoting all the unintentional features which make for a richer web browsing experience. You'll be surprised to learn that Firefox kills seals.

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Journal Journal: huh

Apparently my ban from posting anonymously and posting as heptapod was for a month since I was able to post this evening.

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Journal Journal: funny funny

I have excellent karma and Slashdot has accepted four stories from me but I'm unable to post.

So what is it? Posting that Digg is going to undermine Slashdot's ad revenue or the post about problem posters like Piquepaille and Beatles^2? Judgement of an old moderation on the The first Slashdot troll post investigation which deprived me of moderation privileges?

Not even sure if I'll be able to update my journal.

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The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Google is in negotiations with WalMart to produce a Google-branded computer! According to the article "The machine would run an operating system created by Google, not Microsoft's Windows". Interesting but there are several other operating systems which could be modified rather than building one from scratch.


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Journal Journal: I must be new here

Long ago and far away, I lived in a region in the United States of America known as New Jersey. When I came online I realized that TV news was usually a week behind online news. Now I notice that with my morning teeth grind while listening to NPR.
The same thing is happening to Slashdot. Digg is blowing Slashdot out of the water. Kuro5hin is not even a contender being an effete LiveJournal with pretensions of being a tech oriented website.
Today, December 12th 2005, I opened up Slashdot and saw half of the stories on the front page were the same things found on Digg a few days ago. If you read at -1 this would be old news. I'm a bit disappointed but Slashdot, regardless of its Open Source philosophy and liberal bent, has become the establishment and rests upon its obese laurels.
Hell, Slashdot isn't even 'News for Nerds' or 'Stuff that Matters'. It's full of Roland Piquepaille and **Beatles Beatles submitting stuff that they posted at their respective 'blogs' and submitting it to Slashdot in order to get a windfall from Google Adsense.

Fact: Slashdot is dying.

Slashdot: Come for the dupes, stay for the trolls.

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Journal Journal: CHICKEN LITTLE


For a site that touts itself as "news for nerds", one would presume Slashdot knows its audience may have a tendency to be smarter than the average bear. My words are chosen guardedly. From reporting on spurious pandemics and egregious misunderstandings regarding the Torino scale and apocryphal global warming, Slashdot joins traditional media with scare tactics programming.

I suggest a new subject, chicken little. Don't reference the horrible Disney movie. Whenever these pop culture disasters rear their ugly heads during slow news seasons then they should be noted as Slashdot crying "The Sky is Falling!"

I return to my usual shutting the fuck up.

Classic Games (Games)

Journal Journal: I beat NetHack

After five years of playing NetHack, two of those spent playing it religiously, I have ascended a character. Kuresu the Samurai achieved demigodhood on 10/13/05 around 5:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. Reckon the game took at least sixteen to twenty hours. Here's a grain of salt, most likely it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the early wand of wishing.

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