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Comment Re:I'm curious to see how many retailers actually (Score 1) 732

You are already being penalized for credit card purchases. It's an expense that is currently spread over all customers

This is how it should be. We want to encourage getting rid of money.

This would just allow those people who want to pay cash to not pay the credit card cost.

That's fine. I'll be shopping elsewhere, but apparently you have enough cash-carrying customers so you won't miss me anyway.

I understand that people who love carrying around cash don't like to pay credit card fees, just like we credit card users don't like to be additionally penalized for not carrying around assloads of cash.

Comment Re:Putting untested undocumented work into product (Score 1) 457

cowboy devs who think that "practices" interfere with their "creativity," and the "users" (aka THE PEOPLE YOUR JOB EXISTS TO SERVE) are somehow beneath notice.

Lol, such bullshit. I am the most customer-focused individual on my team, and I am constantly getting yelled at for not ping-ponging tickets back at the users for pedantic reasons.

The goal isn't to actually do any work or help people. The goal is to make sure you close the tasks in your queue before the end of the sprint so that the productivity reports are stellar. This makes the boss look good. It's also easier to justify his budget if you're constantly putting out fires rather than actually installing some fire prevention.

HOW MANY TIMES have I been forced to close a ticket even though it isn't done, and then have to work on it later because the shit is still broken. Obviously, this system requires a bit of planning, so you have to way overestimate projects to allow time for fixing shit that was prematurely closed but not actually fixed.


Comment Re:Is it just me? (Score 1) 346

The nail int he coffin for me on the Google side was the Google Drive sync client on OS X, it crashed constantly, failed to sync files all the time and used a crap ton of CPU time draining the battery of my MacBook Air

I used to have a lot of issue with Google Drive on my Mac when it first came out (the sync issues were certainly frustrating), but it's been running very smoothly for quite awhile now. I can't comment on the CPU/power consumption, though.

Comment Re:Nothing wrong with him (Score 2) 529

Yes they can currently apparently be turned off but I don't want to be messing like that.

It's not too difficult: sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

That said, I still agree with you. Once an OS starts to have a ton of stuff you have to turn off upon install/reinstall, I tend to want to use something else.

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