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Comment Re:We scientists must improve our reliability. (Score 1) 270

Science only allows us to know what the highest bidder wants us to know especially when it comes to Climate Change, Food and Tobacco. These industries have a history of paying for a study and then paying to suppress the results because they did not show what they expected. The public then finds out years later that what their government had been telling them for decades is all wrong because of shifty payoffs.

Comment Re:Bet on the RUSSIANS!!!!` (Score 1) 89

I don't know if Trump has any evidence of this wiretapping he's tweeting about or not, but I can see no reason for him to be making stuff up like this. What's the upside if he's knowingly making this up?

Why not, his record on telling the truth is not stellar. His lying is so prolific even his staff feel free to lie without consequence.

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