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Journal Journal: michael...the editor we love to hate 3

I was just censored by the michael, the anti-censorship editor. A fellow poster who pointed out michael's hypocrisy also got his thread knocked from +3 to -1 Troll.

This of course, comes as no surprise. Michael has always been heavily biased and slanted the facts, since he's admitted he's very biased himself. He is also very unethical, hypocritical, and can't be trusted. Censoring of threads to -1 is not new, he's done it many times before, and sometimes, the abuse is so bad the entire thread is knocked down to -1, and those who mod up anything, *anything* in that thread no longer get mod points.

You wonder how this can happen. Well, this is actually the best Slashdot has ever been. Pretty sad huh? Jon Katz was much worse, and he was around for a long time before he was fired. That means michael wont be leaving anytime soon. Besides CmdrTaco has no sense of professionalism either. I've written him a praising compliment about slashdot, and I received an insulting and mocking reply. I've written him about improvements to slashdot, and I've also received rude replies. Gotta love the owner of a company who thinks "I'm so successful, I could spit in the face of half our fan base, and I'd still be profitable!" Oh well, I guess there's nothing left to do but fight back, in whatever little ways I can. =)

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