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Comment Costco (Score 1) 358

This is one of the reasons Costco is successful. You let them 'curate' by picking a subset of items they like and can get a good discount on. It's very well known to them that the paralysis mentioned leads to a more stressful shopping experience for shoppers, less selection => less stress. If you don't like that model, there are other stores eager to help.


Comment OPS5 (Score 1) 729

A rule based language. 1000's of productions can be waiting to fire by querying a database (lhs waits, fires, triggers rhs updates). In my mind, its a bit like a seeing a VHDL language meet a database wrt the parallelism that comes out from it.

Programs written in it don't look at all like programs you normally would write in the life of a typical coder.

Comment Re:Wtf? (Score 1) 453

Take the call. The world revolves around *you*. A sense of entitlement surrounds *you*. Ideally the call should be in a disparate language to the general meeting group. Lets assume English for the meeting, then the call would be in Hebrew, French, Farsi, Cantonese etc (esp languages where speakers naturally raise their tone when in heated conversation). Don't forget to speak loudly and quickly!, cell phones have notorious connection issues, make sure the other party hears *you*!. You are *important* your ideas and thoughts have a lot of merit that need to be conveyed one-way over the handset, everyone in the room realizes that and will make allowance for *you* because of the stature you present.

Comment Re:32 bit? (Score 1) 122

I think it stems from the initial directions each co took.

MIPS started from a 32bit Stanford grad project (MIPS-X) spun out to become the R2000 workstation class CPU. No hint of embedded arch at all at that time.
They steamed on finally hitting 64bit archs relatively quickly. Once they got to the R4K32 series and upon adding MIPS-16, they had a small footprint embedded soln but...

ARM started from basically a hobbyist computer, already with some small footprint pedigree built in. Very quickly Thumb was adopted, arch just as a translator initially but subsequently with on chip native decode. Now they have a 64bit arch, but because of their small footprint roots and aggressive licensing, they
really caught the lions share of sockets. They can now come to capture a 64bit space that was MIPS's to own years ago by osmosis of the socket market.

ARM had a first mover advantage in embedded and they executed well and did not allow competition to unseat them. It could have been different, they could have mucked up a design and lost share, but that did not happen.

Both companies have first rate tool chains also (that can be a deal killer). Thus its a wash for softies when HW pitches a design, if the license is favorable, and the die area+power draw meets managements expectations, then that vendor will get the nod for new IP. ARM has been fortunate in that there is also a bit of industry simpatico wrt ARM adoption... others are using it, so why not us?


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