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Comment Re: Wait a minute... (Score 1) 265

Most of them just go down the Patreon route. Even without monetisation, YouTube's free hosting is too good a deal to pass up. You also have the added bonus that you viewers are not being hassled with adverts.

From YouTube's perspective, they'll still make their money with cat videos. The edgy or controversial stuff is a net loss to YouTube. This is why relying exclusively on YouTube monetisation is a very bad idea - your channel can be buggered up for any number of arbitrary reasons. Big YouTubers have enough of a following to be relatively safe. Smaller YouTubers have to build a presence on social media and among other YouTubers so they can get the word out if their channel gets a visit from the safety brigade.

Comment Re:Possibly not the cause you think it is (Score 1) 374

Sure, all decisions are influenced by something or other. That can be cultural, driven by circumstances, and even driven by biology. We can provide equal opportunities so that people with the requisite abilities and desire can pursue whatever career they want.

Sorry, there was a spelling mistake in my post. I meant to say that there is no systematic segregation. There's certainly systemic segregation just as there is systemic segregation in the sense that men and women tend to prefer differing kinds of recreational pastimes.

Comment Re:Possibly not the cause you think it is (Score 1) 374

The wage gap isn't evidence of anything other than men statistically tend to earn more than women. It's more an earnings gap than a wage gap. It is not in any way suggestive of inequality in opportunities. It's certainly something to be studied, and it has been studied. Thus far, comes down to three things:

1) Certain types of jobs pay more than others. As a society, we may want to question why an investment banker is worth more to us than a nurse?

2) Individuals make choices that influence their earnings. Women as a group tend to make choices that lessen their earnings.

3) When adjusting for comparable roles, the differences decline dramatically to low single-digit gaps.

There is no systemic segregation here. It seems more a case that men and women generally have differing drives. This kind of makes sense when you consider that evolution has been shaping us for millions of years to be successful reproducers. Strategies successful for male populations are not necessarily successful for female populations, and these drives go far beyond the simple act of reproduction.

Actual evidenced discrimination should be dealt with. Discrepancies between demographics should be studied, but a faulty premise is not a good foundation on which such studies would rest.

Comment Re:Current NATO and future EU member (Score 1) 99

I don't think it was very likely to have succeeded. Turkey's occupation of Cyprus remained a sticking point. Similarly, Turkey couldn't join without Greece agreeing, and that wasn't likely to happen. With these complications, it's difficult to imagine how Turkey was ever on track?

ErdoÄYan drove a wedge in to an already gaping chasm.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 259

Sure, it's definitely something that can consciously or unconsciously alter the whole thing. That's why the methodology is so important. My point is that the biases of the experimenter should only be a point of criticism where their design permits these biases to colour their work.

The natural reaction from many in the peanut gallery is to immediately dismiss research because it comes from a source with which they disagree. While I'm not going to waste time reading controversial scientific claims from known cranks, or unqualified religious nuts, a reasonable hypotheses and a well designed study deserves a fair reading.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 5, Insightful) 259

No, your bias isn't on the right track.

Bias is irrelevant. The methodology is either valid or invalid in relation to the hypothesis and the results. Are the findings supported by the evidence?

These are the only things that matter. The hypothesis is relevant only in relation to these concerns. What you're doing is something along the lines of poisoning the well or relying on ad hominem attacks. If there is bias, you can have a valid point if you show evidence for that bias in the study. And I'm very much open to the idea that there could be methodological flaws.

Comment Re:Brought to you by SJWs (Score 3, Interesting) 128

Yeah. This isn't a gender specific thing. If anything, it's reassuring to see a woman getting the opportunity to commit such a large financial deception.

What I wonder after reading this sorry story is: was Holmes aware that she was selling snake oil all along, or did she start out with the genuinely belief that her company could make the technology work? I'm willing to believe the latter: they did try, but the longer their breakthrough failed to materialize, the more they had to shift their efforts towards keeping up appearances, or "controlling the narrative" as it's called.

Good question. She probably did believe either it worked or that they would make it work. The article suggests an echo chamber, which is mind-bending in how it can reinforce what should be obviously bad beliefs. In all things, it pays to surround yourself with people willing to disagree and present good arguments.

For a good analogue, just look at the financial traders/gamblers who lose big by continuing to bet in the hopes of making up for their losses, where cutting their losses earlier would have made the situation far less severe.

Comment Re:A sad day for our society (Score 1) 1718

I was on Reddit as this happened. It was a complete clusterfuck on the part of /r/news. One or more mods were deleting anything referencing the story. For those unfamiliar with Reddit, /r/news is a "default sub" - this means new users get automatically subscribed to it. /r/news is effectively the main source of news on Reddit. The censorship meant that the attack simply wasn't on the front page for most of the day, and users were being banned for questioning the censorship.

The mods created a "megathread", where supposedly people could go to discuss the story. They began with a sticky, suggesting people leave the sub if they want to complain about censorship, and proceeded to delete fucking everything in the megathread. See

In that link, the comments in red are those that were deleted. The mods claimed these comments broke the rules, yet a cursory glance shows that this is not the case. Instead they censored because they didn't want another story of Islamic terrorism. It was insane that a Trump sub and /r/AskReddit ended up breaking the news on the front page. For added bonus points, on the mods was busy arguing with people in another sub where the censorship was called out, where this mod was a complete wanker. In one of the posts, their response is to tell someone to "kill yourself".

A large number of people have joined a new sub:

It will never be as big as /r/News but it'll hopefully not fall to censorship. The /r/news mods should be fucking ashamed of themselves and they continue to avoid addressing the issues. Because of them, one of the largest terrorist attacks in recent US history went unreported for the best part of a day - all because of political correctness.

Comment Re:oh crap (Score 3, Insightful) 500

Yup. People devote their limited time on this planet to watching TV shows where people just sit around in a house and have inane conversations. They pay to watch people chase a small ball from one of the field to the other. Some consider it a week well spent grinding every night for some imaginary item in a game. And some consider it entertaining and worthwhile to go protest for the social justice cause of the week.

People like different things.

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