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Comment Re:We need more cops like that (Score 1) 1440

This is about red lights. There was only one paragraph there about being stopped at a light and I still don't buy that any competent driver would release their foot from the brake and "not notice" because they're using their (electronic) road map. That just can not happen if you are driving competently, not one in 10000, not one in a million.

All the rest of the post is perfectly valid, but doesn't apply to red lights. The biggest danger at red lights is someone won't notice when the light turns green. They deserve a big fine at that point - it's bad enough not notice the light turning green normally, but missing it because you're texting is a clear indicator of careless driving. Meanwhile, stopping at a light you're familiar with, typing in a map destination while keeping your eye on the light... none of this is dangerous or inconvenient for other drivers. About five posts on this story have basically said they hate texters who don't go on green, yet none suggested that they should be busted after the light turns green.

Comment Re:Piracy much eh? (Score 1) 364

I think GP meant digital downloading in general. The big four just aren't giving us very good options for it; old movies especially cost much much more digitally than from a bargain bin. Yeah sure, the bargain bin doesn't help the industry. Well, give me a reason to help the industry and have affordable digital downloads.

Just a few weeks ago, I searched for Mystery Men on Youtube. To my great surprise, a legal version was available for $10 - the $10 allows you to watch it on YouTube as many times as you want. Well, I bought it just to support legal digital downloads, but for hell's sake, how many people are going to pay $10 for Mystery Men in 2013? Newer movies close the price gap a little better, but I never see them being advertised for digital download.

Comment Re:Lose Internet but not power? Buy day of tetheri (Score 1) 611

Not a lot of people would go as far as to get a tethering plan for internet outages; they can do other things when the internet is down, like do errands or play games. That's only part of the problem; the other problem is "despite us saying it would never happen, connection to XBone servers isn't working due to a technical error, high volume, or our system thinking you're a pirate with 90% confidence. Since you just turned your Xbone on and haven't played it for 24 hours, have fun not playing! But don't worry, this doesn't happen all that often." Sure, most people can live with it, but why get used to something that there is no need to get used to? I could get used to having to charge my phone every 30 minutes, but I wouldn't buy such a phone.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 1) 611

Correct, it had more to do with general distrust with Sega for releasing three(!) pieces of hardware and abandoning them shortly afterwards. The Dreamcast was different but few would take that risk after hearing about the recent history of Sega hardware. There were lots of factors, but this was the one that ensured Sega leaving the hardware business.

Comment Re:It is all software, really (Score 3, Insightful) 509

A recent relevant example; PS3 entirely removed Linux support a couple years in, even though they were bragging about it quite a lot at launch. Technically, you could keep it, you just can't visit the PS Shop or use any online features (which you paid for, as part of the price of the console) ever again, that's all. Not sure if disc-enforced updates apply to this one or not.

Since early adopters are more savvy, Sony has every reason to tout their lack of DRM compared to the Bone, for now. Will their DRM be better throughout the generation? Unless Sony makes a pledge (and really, even if they do), it's their choice, not ours.

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